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Dr. Nora Gold

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Dr. Nora Gold(She/Her) • 1stWriter; Publisher & Editor of literary journal Jewish Fiction .net. Author of three books. Praised by Alice Munro. Winner of two Canadian Jewish Book/Literary Awards. Former professor of Social Work. Community activist.2 hours ago

I believe most people start a new job full of eagerness and motivation, yet within a couple of years that motivation, for many, is no longer there. Why is that? Here are some of the reasons – 8 ways that workplaces or leaders help to destroy employee motivation: Toxic people, No professional development, Lack of vision, Wasted time, Inadequate communication, Vertical management, Lack of appreciation, and Bad leadership. I have experienced all of these in one job or another – have you? What effect did it have on your motivation and commitment toward your job? And leaders: How can you avoid these pitfalls for your employees? (Source: IPRA, International Public Relations Association; Lolly Daskal,; Shared by Arun Paul)
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