"Cross-Cultural Communication: Theory and Practice" with Barry Tomalin

Barry Tomalin, MA, is a leading authority on world business culture and a management consultant, trainer, public speaker and writer, specialising in language and cross-cultural issues in diplomacy and business. Cross Culture Communication

He is Senior Lecturer in International Communication and Cultures at the London Academy of Diplomacy and his book ‘The World’s Business Cultures – a Handbook (3rd Edition) was published by Thorogood Publishing) in September 2014. He is also Head of Communications at the London Academy of Diplomacy. 

Among other books, Barry is the author of ‘Cross-Cultural Communication: Theory and Practice’ (Palgrave Macmillan 1023) and ‘Key Business Skills’ (Harper Collins 2012), as well as many ELT professional programs. 

Barry was for twenty years a producer and radio presenter at the BBC World Service and Editor of the BBC World Service English By Radio and Television service. 

He has worked in over sixty countries on all continents and has an unrivalled knowledge of how cultures work and is an experienced and popular interactive trainer. 

As well as his university work, Barry is also working with Boards of Directors, Boards of Management, embassies and operational departments on international management and diplomatic communication issues in cross-border operations, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. Click here to visit Barry Tomalin’s website.