Colin Daley: Executive Director of Sales at LEVEL Furnished Living, Los Angeles, CA.

LEVEL Furnished Living is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. LEVEL DTLA consists of 303 fully furnished suites/apartments that blend the comfort of residential living with the convenience of luxury hotel services and state-of-the-art amenities.

Downtown Los Angeles is undergoing a renaissance. It’s an area teeming with creativity, and the epicenter of world-class dining and entertainment scenes. Amid glittering towers and Art Deco facades, you’ll find LEVEL Furnished Living in downtown Los Angeles – furnished luxury apartments combining unrivalled comfort with flawless hotel-style service. Sure to become one of the area’s most talked-about accommodations, LEVEL Furnished Living offers thoughtfully designed suites you’ll never want to leave in a neighborhood too electrifying to ignore. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, think of us as a soothing respite from the bustling city during your extended stay in Los Angeles.