Meet Mr. Viraj Phanse- Product Management, Go-To-Market, Business Strategy; San Francisco Bay Area.

Typically, immigration law firms and global mobility teams at leading corporations send documents such as retainer agreements, privacy policy documents, immigration documents to their clients for signatures via either email or physical mail. This process is not efficient and secure, and leads to a loss of millions of dollars globally.

Viraj Phanse, an internationally recognized product management and business strategy expert at, the leader in immigration case management space, saw these challenges and solved this problem through an original and innovative product that he conceptualized, built and launched globally, the INSZoom-DocuSign integration product. This landmark product has digitally transformed the immigration space and has made the e-signing process efficient for law firms and global mobility teams.

This solution developed under the leadership of Viraj will not only save millions of dollars for the law firms and global mobility teams across the globe, but bring in about 95% more efficiency and at the same time more profitability and customer satisfaction as now paralegals and global mobility experts can focus on customers and prospects rather than worrying about getting the documents signed.

Docusign-INSZoom integration is getting a lot of recognition. Even global executives and leaders could personally and professionally connect with the product and the value Viraj has brought in.

As said by Darren Libby, Vice President at Docusign,

“This is a great story of a new DocuSign Partner building a great integration with DocuSign eSignature.  I used INSZoom myself for my L1 move from Canada to the US!  Thanks Viraj Phanse from INSZoom and Scott Fisher from DocuSign, and everyone else involved!”

Only an expert like Viraj can set up such an innovative partnership within just a few weeks with DocuSign, the gold standard for e-signature and get this product to market in just a couple of months.

Viraj is globally recognized for his digital transformation expertise and this can be seen from his past professional achievements.

At a startup called Aerospike, he helped launch real time charging and billing solutions through partnerships with leading global telecom players by devising an original OEM solution which involved embedding Aerospike database in these solutions and helped digitally transform the global telco space. This solution helped these telcos save millions of dollars and reduce latency in the digital transactions. Prior to that, he has led innovative projects at companies like Persistent Systems and built first of its kind products like data and cybersecurity solutions for enterprises.

An expert at bigdata, analytics and cloud, he is the Rutgers BigData Advisory Board member. This invitation only board has top level global executives from companies like Salesforce, Tesla, IDEO, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, GM, Prudential Life, Verizon, Merck, TIG, Johnson & Johnson, and Morgan Stanley.  These are individuals who are internationally renowned product and business experts in data and analytics who have a demonstrated record of outstanding achievements.

This is an amazing segue into the other innovation by Viraj that has leveraged data and analytics to digitally transform the legal tech industry. He has led the development and launch of a datawarehouse as a managed service solution at This impactful product helps law firms and global mobility teams convert data into business assets and run reports that help increase the operational efficiency and provide insights that are useful to save expenses and increase profitability. It makes data available to them in a secure way. This helps them not only to bring in their own reporting tools, but also gain more control over their data. It leads to expansion of their data assets, and allows them to conduct deeper analysis and customization of data by connecting to cloud systems like HR and billing. Such a unique value proposition by Viraj has resulted in democratization of data. This offering was internationally recognized as part of the talk Viraj was invited to give in Rome at Italy’s largest data and innovation conference, the Data Driven Innovation. He was invited to present his point of view on data driven innovation in legal tech.

Further, Viraj has been able to take this product live already for a famous law firm. This in itself is an achievement as only a select product management experts are able to go to market in such a few weeks after the product launch.

Contributions of Viraj through his expertise in product management, digital transformation and business development/strategy to innovate in various industries especially the legal tech and global mobility industry is worth noting. He has revolutionized and innovatively solved problems for people globally to create a positive impact the way.

We need more such experts.

Author:  Edwin Cohen, Editor Global Business, GLOBAL HR NEWS Broadcast Host, GLOBAL RADIO TALK SHOW
Date:     June 23, 2019