Alex Jakobsen

Alex Jakobsen, Managing Director for RogenSi North America is Ed’s special guest today.

Alex is unique in that he can engage, host and motivate audiences of up to 1,500 people, he develops leaders to better articulate strategy, and has founded consultancies, successfully operating today, in London and Paris. He is a global partner of rogenSi and is now living in New York City.

Alex engages with clients to define and facilitate the articulation of people strategy – purpose, mission, values, beliefs and behaviors. He also develops frameworks to powerfully cascade values and desired behaviors, linked to strategic goals, throughout an organization leading to often dramatic increases in bottom line results.

An expert in rogenSi’s behavioral change approaches, Alex draws on his knowledge of emotional intelligence, accelerated learning and whole brain learning principles to design and deliver the culture change and communication programs required to drive desired changes in organizational behavior.

In addition to his charismatic delivery engaging and inspiring large audiences to take action, Alex works with clients to jointly develop their conference’s overall look and feel, themes and messages. Alex designs and speaks at up to 100 conferences per year.

Some of Alex’s clients include Dow Jones, Carrefour, Bausch & Lomb, Royal Mail, Ernst & Young, and Schering Plough.

Alex has an MA degree in Philosophy from Edinburgh University, Scotland.