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How to Serve Up Healthier Holiday Conversations

What’s more Awkward than holiday conversations? The week of Thanksgiving is National #BetterConversationWeek (11/22-11/28) and Christmas is not far behind. These holidays will be like no other.

Holidays have always been uber stressful and with the pandemic, emotions are going to be even more easily triggered.

I’m a communication expert and certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner who has worked for over a decade with leaders and teams in major Fortune 500 companies to help them fix hidden communication glitches.

Here are some tips on keeping holiday conversations from going haywire? 

  • Listen. – Research shows that on average people listen 25% of the time that they’re in a conversation. We also need to shift what we listen for. Stop listening to win or listening to fix and listen to learn – “What is that person really saying, meaning, feeling?”

  • Get Curious – Enter the conversation as if you were an anthropologist studying this interesting species called “HomoUnLikeUs”  – EVEN THOUGH YOU MAY HAVE KNOWN THEM YOUR WHOLE LIFE.

  • Reframe before you blame – “Maybe they didn’t really mean to make me feel like I’m a complete idiot.” “Maybe their back pain is acting up”

  • Reset your brain – Take a breath before responding to reset and calm down our stress hormones. We have 0.5 seconds to shift our reaction to an emotional stimulus.