what is the book about ?

Why did you write the book?

Who is the book for?

Where can I buy the book?

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Chapter 1 – In the Beginning – My Dual Career Story

Reality Dawns

Dual Career Conversations

Points for Reflection


Chapter 2 – Dual Career Couples and International Relocation

I Didn’t Want to, But…

The Conundrum that Won’t Go Away: Career Prioritization and the Dual Career Couple

A Punishing Landscape for the Partner

Enter the Great Disruptors

Mitigating the Disruptors

Points for Reflection


Chapter 3 – The Professional Follower

The Accompanying Partner Syndrome

What the Partners Say

What are the Issues?

What Happens to Accompanying Partners on International Assignments?

Evidence from the Career Lab

Are You Following Along?

Can We Create a Win for All?

Points for Reflection

Chapter 4 – A Win for All: The Career Stories of Six Couples

Case Study 1: Turn-Taking – Robert and Rosemary

Case Study 2: Double Primary – Melissa and Christian

Case Study 3: Primary-Secondary – Maja and Henrik

Case Study 4: Role Reversal – Amanda and Simon

Case Study 5: Combination of Turn-Taking, Primary-Secondary and Role Reversal – Cielo and Charles

Case Study 6: Non-Traditional, Same Sex Couple – Chuck and Chen

What can we Learn About Successful Dual Careers from These Case Studies?

Points for Reflection





Chapter 5 – Putting CARE into the Dual Career

Why Have CARE Conversations?

What is a CARE Conversation?

The Seeds of The CARE Code

The CARE Code

How to Have a CARE Conversation

Essentials for CARE Conversations

Exercises to Kickstart your CARE Conversations

Chapter 6 – How Organizations Can CARE

What can we learn from research?

Why is the old model not working?

What can organizations do?

Chapter 7 – Conclusion: Keeping your Focus on CARE

Staying on track

CARE makes it work



Whose Career -Yours, Mine or Ours?


the dual career dilemma

with CARE.


What is the book about?

About bringing more equity into your relationship if it bothers you that you are the one that is constantly giving up career opportunities so that your partner can progress.

Focus is on how couples who move assignments every 3-4 years can make dual careers work for them. There tendency for both men and women is to assume that if offered an overseas assignment the woman will follow. Women also make assumptions when asked to relocate that their partner won’t go. A lot of this happens without discussion.

In a nutshell, I explain how to manage Dual Career dilemmas and international moves successfully – without resentment and without committing career suicide.

To achieve this, I provide The CARE Code to help couples discuss and navigate their individual and joint objectives while on a journey of Dual Career and international mobility.

The CARE Code can be used by HR and/or global mobility professionals when discussing international moves with talented staff who may be reluctant to move because of joint career ambitions.

The book is about encouraging the couple to have conversations about the life that they want and how to make room for both careers.  And also, how organizations need to think differently about global assignment.

Not a one size fits all approach, find what fits you as a couple against the backdrop of what kind of a life you want.

Why did you write the book?

78% millennials are part of a dual career partnership vs 47% of boomers

Women are better educated and have their own career ambitions and want both a career and family.

Culture, social norms and individual history tends to assume that the woman’s career is secondary.

The data is not encouraging:

  • Nearly 80% of women and 70% of men cite partner unwillingness to move because of career as the main reason for not accepting an international assignment.
  • 77% of Accompanying Partners work prior to international assignment of partner.
  • 57% of Accompanying Partners are not working.
  • 33% of Accompanying Partners ‘sacrificed’ their careers to follow their partners.

Who would benefit from reading it?

This book is called Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours? because all too often one career takes precedence and the concept of a Dual Career relationship disintegrates into dust.

Your career decisions should be made jointly and work for both of you.

This book is primarily for:

  • Dual Career Couples who are considering a global assignment and want to explicitly discuss the impact of international assignments and career continuation.
  • Dual Career Couples who want to thrive in both their careers and life as family.
  • The professional follower who has decided ‘it will be my turn next’ or wishes to renegotiate career prioritization in their relationship.
  • The Accompanying Partner who may not have worked for some years but is keen to explore opportunities for retraining and/or a career change.
  • Dual Career Couples on rotation and on the brink of having to decide ‘where to’ next.
  • HR/ Global Mobility Professionals looking for tools to help talent mobility.
  • Any dual career couple because it is fundamental to any partnership because life inevitably involves trade-offs.


Where can I find the book?

Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, the usual book retailers. Kindle is better for Asia.

My website

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