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Thank you, ScandAsiaPublishing, for featuring our work and the passion, knowledge, and results we bring to it!

Expatriation Success: It’s more than stats. It means top talent (and innovation) for countries, high ROI (and happy employees) for companies, productive (and well-equipped) global leaders, and well-settled (and thriving) expat families.

The Problem: We have meticulously diagnosed that the root of #expat failure isn’t unpacking boxes or visa/tax issues BUT it is understanding and preparing for the unique multi-cultural #global life, its effects (positive and negative), and tackling the many challenges that come with it. We offer tools for success.

Our Solutions: Catering to the entire expat process, our plug-and-play services benefit all stakeholders. Explore our Expat Audit Report, Profiling and Assessment tools, Reflection and Conversation Game, Executive Education programs, 1:1 consultations, and our online Expat Academy.

The result? Success. For countries, companies, professionals, and their families.

Check out the full publication here: https://lnkd.in/gbq7QjR7
(And we strongly recommend subscribing to them – They are top-notch! And no, this is not a paid plug but a genuine push for good content!)

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