Wendy Kendall, Chartered Psychologist 

Executive Coach

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Wendy Kendall Chartered Psychologist

Professional Training & Coaching; Global Leadership

Psychology Practice Growth Advice

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I help leaders transform global lives, re-imagine power, and create measurable value by facilitating the development of global leaders and companies through disruptions like international and stretch assignments and outside industry hiring.

Let’s connect at http://wendykendall.com

As an executive leadership coach who works with international mobility leaders, global talent directors, HR directors, and global employees, I provide strategic advice on global talent mobility programmes to support employees experiencing career disruption to move beyond borders in their company.

Expanding companies face a constant struggle to sustain a competitive edge while their best people acclimate to different cultures.

How do you justify the financial and business risk of shifting people from successful positions in familiar settings to new and challenging environments?

As a long-distance runner, I understand the importance of managing unknown terrain. By aligning strategic and developmental goals that create value, I help companies reduce the risk of failed disruptions like expatriation and repatriation and maximise return on investment.

My skills include:
★ International Career Development
★ Cross-cultural Coaching
★ Global Career Transition Support
★ Executive Leadership Development
★ Strategic Talent Deployment

Working as a psychologist for over 23 years, I also mentor psychologists through group and individual coaching to develop valuable, fulfilling, and sustainable psychology practices that contribute to society.

Whether I’m working with companies, employees, or other psychologists, I love helping people see beyond the borders of ‘what is’ and consider the new terrain of their challenge. My purpose in life is to help people be free to be their most alive and authentic selves, look inside to understand themselves, bring together different perspectives, create new visions, and make the journey. This is at the heart of both my practices areas as well as my personal journey.