How would you describe your style of leadership?
In the past months, I have created many videos about leadership styles. And, of course, I will share what my style is too. What is your style?
My leadership style depends on the people I have on my team. At first, I am directive. I told everybody what to do and checked and controlled if it was done and how it was done. When I notice everything gets done and the outcome is good, I start to let go of this style and adapt to being more encouraging. I begin to let go of having to control everybody and everything.
That is the phase when we start to co-create. When we all have ideas, we all get inspired and work for a good cause. It does not feel like working anymore.
I feel proud and inspired; I send messages of encouragement, and everything works and feels aligned.
I am holding the space for the team,
Holding the space means I have the trust and faith that we will progress toward our goals. Even when there are unforeseen setbacks. I make sure everybody still feels alight with where we are heading.
Sometimes it is not easy, I am human, too, and get affected by setbacks, but it is my responsibility not to share that with the team. For me to be able to stay in the right state of mind, I must have people I can talk to. So I have a mentor with who I talk weekly and with whom I can share the setbacks. We come up with ideas to tackle the setbacks, and then I am OK.
So a good leader always needs support, too, to stay a good leader most of the time.
Do You have a team?
Do you hire people?
What kind of leader are you?

Tineke Rensen

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