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Teresa R. Howe, SCRP, SGMS
Principal; TRH Consulting

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My parents never really understood what I did for my job.

If anyone ever asked them what I did, they would just say I worked for a real estate company, but they were quick to point out that I didn’t sell real estate.

Teresa (Rutledge) Howe, SCRP, SGMS

That’s my fault, I never took the time to explain the role of a Relocation Director is to help people.

A Relocation Director is a tough role to define in an elevator speech.

But for those of us that are intimately familiar with all of the responsibilities of a relocation professional, we know it really can’t be justified in a couple of sentences.

We are pilots. Guiding the transferees into the best hands to ensure they land safely in their new home, so they will be productive and happy on the job.

We are cheerleaders. Cheering on our staff and agents to success.

We are caregivers. Showing empathy to the transferees so they understand it’s ok to be nervous about their relocation.

We are teachers. Ensuring our agents and staff are up to speed on all the nuances of assisting relocation clients.

We are psychologists. Listening carefully to our transferees for clues as to what is concerning them about their upcoming move.

We are athletes. Switching courses with agility and speed if a client needs our help.

We are chess players. Moving all of the pieces around with strategic precision to ensure a win.

We are gardeners. Tending to our staff and team, helping them grow.

We are sea captains. Riding the waves of an uncertain market and keeping the ship on course.

We are chief financial officers. Managing the budget and delivering value to our broker and clients.

We are warriors. Battling on behalf of all parties involved to try and resolve any issue that may erupt.

We are architects. Building a beautiful array of services that are satisfying to those who experience them.

We are leaders. Setting the tone for our department and how relocation is perceived in our company and with our clients.

We are allies. Working in tandem with corporations and relocation companies to seamlessly deliver the best relocation experience for the employees.

We are superheroes. When presented with the impossible, we get it done.