We can either talk about Executive coaching or the future of hiring (and the role of assessments in it)

Executive Coaching talking points:

  • Investments in leadership development is a major trend that will continue
  • Why people need coaches
  • Difference between a mentor and a coach
  • Questions to ask when selecting a coach
  • What makes the leader of the future successful
  • Do people change
  • Coaching the uncoachable

Future of hiring – assessments and talent brand

  • Not “recruiting” – but instead “attracting” through talent brand
  • How to build a talent brand – the people side of the conversation (need to hire and promote the right people, on merit)
  • How do you know what is needed in the future? Assess the jobs – assess people and put them together
  • Concept of unleashing talent in cross-functional organizations.
  • Role of highly reliable sophisticated assessment in building a talent brand.
  • Why companies don’t do it