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Alexander Wuerfel
Alexander Wuerfel
Become the leader you are

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Some of the most valuable companies on the planet like Apple have been able to build lasting loyalty with customers and their workforce 

by “Starting with Why” (Simon Sinek) rather than with “What”, i.e. the product or service.

They have—and articulate—a strong vision and purpose that is inspiring and unifying to followers. In healthcare, we are privileged to be guided by our north star, the patient.

Leaders with purpose and inspirational motivation challenge employees with high standards, communicate optimism about future goals, and provide meaning.

Followers, internal and external, with a strong sense of purpose are more likely to act.

Purpose and identity provide the energy that drives them forward.

The visionary aspects of leadership are supported by motivational communication skills that make the vision desirable, understandable, precise, powerful, and engaging.

Employees are willing to go beyond expectations, they are encouraged and optimistic about the future, and believe in their abilities.

Herein lies another key principle of Transformational Leadership in our model here at AdvanceWerks:

#infographics Nine Great Things Leaders Say Every Day
Source: College Study Smarts, also Bill Murphy Jr in Inc.


What great thing

will you do for someone today?

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and now here’s the 


Natalie Forest, Ph.D.

Natalie Forest, PhD


I want you to welcome every day peacefully and excited!

Revolutionary Rule Breaker helping doctors reconnect heart with head; purpose with the demands of the profession via practical, hands on strategies.

*Teacher *Mentor *Guide *Speaker *Individualized Sessions *Trainings

Become the leader

– and human –

that your organization,


and community needs.

The business environment was changing before Covid, but now these changes are happening at warp speed. We are in the throes of a pivotal moment, facing the greatest transformation in how we work since the early days of word processing and the desktop computer (the so-called Information Revolution).

Managing people is a 1980s construct. It is why people leave bosses, not organizations. It is no longer acceptable or relevant in today’s world. Simply stated: work is not working for many people. Work and the workplace, along with the behaviors, actions, and attitudes of many leaders, have alienated millions of people.

Award-winning author Steven Howard advocates a better approach – Humony Leadership. Humony is a created word comprising human, humanity, and harmony to emphasize the leading of people and the need for leaders to create workplaces of wellbeing and harmony.

There is no Old Reality to return to. The role of a leader is no longer to be a task overseer and a reporter of results. Rather, the leader’s role today – at every level of every organization – is to be a people performance coach. To be successful, leaders must become people-centric.

One lesson from the pandemic: people want greater human connection. Leaders need to excel at the human connection aspect of leadership. Leaders need to unlearn management and relearn to be human. And, leaders must develop mindsets enabling them to confront and handle uncertainty and ambiguity.

The key is to stop treating employees as only a means to an end. This mindset is contributing to millions of people worldwide quitting their jobs and seeking new employment with organizations that value them as human beings. There has been a fundamental change in what people value. Work is no longer the most important thing that defines a large portion of the workforce. Working harder and longer is no longer worth sacrificing health, harmony, personal relationships, and nonwork responsibilities.

Humony Leadership provides you with the mindsets, skills, behaviors, and actions that will make you a great people-centric leader.

STEVEN HOWARD contact info,

AMAZON access 

Dave Levine


Dave Levine

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I help wellness-oriented firms grow and prosper.

I started my career focused on counseling and addictions treatment, and shifted to operational roles managing provider networks and call center/UR services, before finding my calling on the customer side of the business in marketing, sales, and account services.

I helped push the evolution of workplace-based employee support services and for the past 12 years I have worked to migrate behavioral health and wellness from US-focused delivery to serve multinational employers.

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European Forum

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AsiaPacific Employee

Assistance Roundtable

Ali Shami


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FTD Global logoFounder/Leader

  FTD Global: 

A Global Leadership Consulting company. FTD Global associates stand by you to support your marketing, selling, producing products and services, as well as supporting aftermarket services in the global market.

The associates are experts who grew up outside the United States but understand the US culture very well.

Their detailed country business knowledge and culture is crucial to a successful and profitable long term business.

X-Boeing Sr. Manager; Author, Board Advisor, Public Speaker, Musician


I am an early retiree from Boeing doing work now that I will never retire from.

I am a life-long learner, resilient, self-motivator, hard-worker who works smart, clear thinker, and limitless individual who loves to help people!

I enjoy public speaking, coaching, mentoring, and creating new things but absolutely love to help people discover their true potential and enjoy surprising myself of what I can do and be.

“Speak with Love, or Love in Silence”.
Ask me about my life journey from being a civil war survivor into a successful American.
I am grateful, always!

Andrew Woods, DMgt, MBA

Tory Wiwchar, Professor of Business

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Co-Authors of the new book, AUDACIOUS ASK…
What’s an entreprenuer?
Is an entreprenuer different from most people?

How to be an entreprenuer …

but first let’s define our terms and clarify our understandings

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Imagine an opening-up of a wonderful world of possibilities simply by discovering the joys of asking.

Endless opportunities gently await your arrival.

Each of them happy to open the doors of the future, regardless of which path you choose to float down.

The audacious ask, is about leaning into the unknown, the unexpected.

Its about building up the courage to ask for things, for someone’s time, for someone’s story; their wisdom.

It is about giving, not just taking.

It is about sharing.

It’s about asking questions, its about listening and feeling the answers.

Most of all, it is less about making connections and more about connecting.

In this deep but easy to read book, Dr. Andrew Woods and Business Instructor Tory Wiwchar dive into the minds of 8 entrepreneurs who offer up inspirational advice for anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their lives.

Through their success and failures, each person highlights the importance of asking and also shares different insights into their own business journeys.


Eva Klevås

Senior Advisor | Public Speaker | HR Analytics | Leadership | Development | HR | Efficiency | Board Professional

KlevåsConsulting_Logo_KLAR_tight.pngMalmö, Sweden

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Alexander Langhans   


CEO at Visumpoint GmbH  –  Berlin
Visa point - The visa specialist

Annette Dernick


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The goal of my work is that you and your company are well positioned for the future.
Are you aware of the potential in your company?

Barbara Boldt


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Executive Coach / Keynote Speaker

I help Executives and Directors whose first language is not English develop the leadership communication skills they need to be effective in their roles


Mark Colo

St George, Utah

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