Beautiful image from NASA depicts “wired and connected to California’s Silicon Valley” … very cool ebay Corporation San Jose on May 25th

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May 25 at ebay HQ San Jose – Silicon Valley

‘MOONSHOT design-thinking’ about job development, job transition, job movement. Boards demand 100% ROI on talent strategy, mobility. 

8, Check-in opens

meet/greet  …coffee

8:45, Program starts, Moderator’s Intros… 

  Ed Cohen, Content Developer and Program Moderator

Publisher –


9:15 – 10, Opening talks … 

Conference Moderator’s Memo: Considering the current stressful times, I asked Eric and Prisco why this day would be important enough for them to be involved, and, to host sponsor. When you are in the room, the answers to my questions will be revealed.  See you May 25th …it will be good.

 Eric Halverson, Director HR/Mobility, ebay

 Prisco Morelos, Senior Manager, ebay


   Moderator: Elena Mosko, CEO- Globiana

10 – 10:30,  BREAK

10:30 – 11,  ROI: Performance Management of Assignees  

Morgan Crosby, VP Americas – AIRINC   

11:05 – 11:50,  SINGLE POINT of CONTACT? 

Really? How does it work for your company?

 Thought-leader: Sandy Beyer, Salesforce

This session requires audience participation/table discussions then summary statements to the audience

11:50 – 1:45, LUNCH  +

11:50 – 1, TableTalks, Leadership

Home price increases impact mobility;

What’s your policy & practice?  …options? will everyone rent?

Carrie Hartman, VP – ABODA

John Habanek, CHASE Mortgage

Women & Diversity on assignment?  Social engineering or better engagement with customers or simply finding the best person?

  Rebecca Counihan, Intuitive Surgical

DSP Magic…where the rubber-meets-the-road

   Linnea Hickman, CEO- Getting Settled USA

3rd-party placement for visa-holding employees

Issues & Challenges 

  Brandon Meyer, Partner, LewisBrisbois

  William Taylor, Partner, LewisBrisbois


RMCs & HHG  

“Tore” Ferrante, Crown/Armstrong



  Emily Ptak, Aires

  Vaida Paulauskaite, Aires

KEYNOTE …1 – 1:40

  ‘MOONSHOT Exponential’ thinking about the future of work and the future of global mobility… Finding Abundance in this Era of Disruption

  Introducing Marjan Mohsenin, Director- Strategic Relations at Singularity University. Marjan is a recognized Corporate Strategist on ‘Moonshot Exponential’ Thinking, Innovation & Transformation. 

GlobalBusinessNews asked Marjan to explain further:  “I build strategic partnerships while fueling impact and innovation. Specifically, I work prescribing strategies for leaders from around the world on how to think more imaginatively about the future and embrace the mindsets, skills and behaviors to bring those futures to life.

The confluence of exponentially accelerating technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and biotech  will fundamentally change business, society and us in the coming decades. Marjan shares the incredible reality on the horizon, how this rapid growth is empowering individuals and small companies to do what only governments and multi-national companies were able to achieve a few decades ago and also the different mindset required to thinking exponentially and to find your own opportunity in this incredible time of change.

Marjan Mohsenin has over two decades of experience working with large global organizations to align their business, technology, and people practices. She had had extensive experience launching and growing innovative, strategic partnerships. Marjan also has keen insight to this exponential era of disruption.

Singularity University (SU) is a benefit corporation headquartered at NASA AMES Research Park in Silicon Valley. Part Think Tank, part University for the Future, part Executive Training, we help organizations and people around the world prepare for the technological and societal changes ahead.

1:40 – 2, BREAK


Immigration updates

    Jerry Erickson; EIG Immigration Law

  Alejandra Zapatero; EIG Immigration Law

2:30 – 4:30,

POLICY & PRACTICES ‘talk show’ …succinct idea exchanges with audience discussions 

Moderator: Ed Cohen,  Publisher


Co-Moderator: Helen Maracle, VP Corporate Development-Hotel Engine


Thought-leaders will include…

  Gabrielle LaHerran, SPHR; Head-GlobalMobility&Immigration; Airbnb

  Julie Pearl, Partner; Pearl Law

Engaging Executives in the Immigration & Mobility Program: Ways to Join with Executives and Other Stakeholders in Elevating the Program

  Dawn Dunlop- Director; Sunrise HR

Talent Acquisition and deployment

  Kristine Fallorina, Head -Mobility; Abbott SJM 

  Angela Gomez, Director Sales -West – Aires


   Ciela Lewis, VP; Odyssey Relocation

  Chris Furlotte, VP Client Services; BGRS

  Mike Brawley, VP; SIRVA

  David Croft, VP; Weichert Workforce Mobility



4:30 –  ADJOURN