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The “engine that runs on hot water” was invented by  


CEO at Deluge Technologies, Inc.


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 The Deluge Natural Energy Engine™ technology, developed by ASU Research Scientist Brian Hageman is a “cross-cutting” energy power technology that can transform century old mechanical engineering accomplishments and provide an environmentally safe method of “re-powering” the world.

Deluge Technologies will build reverse osmosis desalination plants in Arizona for the agriculture industry and tap into the massive salty brackish water underground aquifer below the city. Deluge Technologies desalting plants are run on solar thermal power lowering operating costs by 90% because of minimal electricity use.

The scope of the applications are so vast, the only way to successfully deploy the technology is by licensing to corporate experts and letting these partners help and profit from the technology upgrading available.

The Natural Energy Engine™, developed over the past 10 years by Research Scientist Brian Hageman, utilizes small amounts of heat energy from solar, geothermal, or any other heat source, including waste heat from existing processes.  It can use this heat to efficiently generate electricity, desalinate or purify water, pump liquids such as water or oil, compress gas, and perform the same kinds of work done by today’s other engine technologies at significantly lower cost of infrastructure and operation.

The engine is notable in that it requires no combustion, operates virtually silently, and generates no emissions.

The Natural Energy Engine is also referred to as the “N E Engine”, since it can perform the work of any engine.

Despite the revolutionary nature of the development, “It’s really not all that complicated“, says Brian Hageman, “the engine converts low-grade heat, about the temperature of hot water from your tap, into mechanical work.”

“It is a thermal hydraulic engine,” Brian continues. “It uses the same principles of expansion and contraction from heat as an everyday thermometer, and uses the expansion to create powerful hydraulic pressure in a manner similar to an automobile’s brakes.”

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Head of SchoolThe Bridge School

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Julie Taylor has spent the past 20 years helping students find success as both a teacher and administrator. 

A true pioneer in online education, Julie was a key administrator for one of the largest online K-12 schools in the nation. 

Julie and her team successfully led the school through technology breakthroughs, lobbying efforts, and a successful accreditation process, all while online learning was in its infancy.

Julie has served in roles including; teacher, principal, and Head of School.

Additionally, she served as Director for national math remediation and instructional coaching programs.

Nanna Hänninen

Neemo™ Master Coach

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Founder- Innovator- Photographic Artist

Kuopio, Eastern Finland

Nanna Hänninen


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I am a Journey Mapper.  I’ve spent the last 4 years doing one thing and one thing only…reverse engineering the theoretical business life cycle maturity model.  Understanding business life cycle stages and their various configurations are common knowledge amongst most business experts and a handful of entrepreneurs. More importantly, all of these models are understood and classified as being theoretical, possessing little value, if any, because they are based on subjective opinions and provide no practical application in the business development process.  My team and I have successfully reversed engineered the age-old business life cycle maturity model and created a new, innovative and practical model which provides a clear action map to guide any business as they journey through each life cycle stage to achieve sustainability. With this practical model, business experts can now objectively identify the current life cycle stage of any business, at any time, in less than 15 minutes.



Transportation & Mobility 

Visionary, Entrepreneur, Philosopher

Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

CubeMonk, Inc.
The Power of Now

“We have created a fair and honest company offering a fair and honest service at a fair and honest price…”

Energetic, experienced, trusted, and detail-oriented Senior Executive and Strategic Solutions Provider with more than 25+ years of professional experience. Strong commitment to improving communities through effective education and social service programs on a global scale.

Solution’s driver who bridges the gap between business and technology with expertise in managing complex programs and multiple concurrent projects.

Directs teams to develop high-quality programs that solve real business problems and provide tangible results within the transportation industry.

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