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and be willing to laugh and learn.

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Dianne Budion Devitt

Executive Producer





New York

Global-TV Talkshow requests the honour of your company and your participation.

Please join Dianne Devitt for an informal, interactive and productive discussion on the importance of SCREEN PRESENCE.  

Regardless of where you are working from – bedroom, home office, basement corner, there are tricks and tips to maximize and enhance your impact online.

As an executive producer working with professionals and senior management throughout her career in meetings, events and production, Dianne has coached and guided people to maximize their presence on a physical stage.

Now, she is focusing on helping people with the virtual stage as virtual meetings are here to stay.

Whether you are an aspiring broadcast anchor or uncomfortable in front of a camera, this event is for you.

You will leave with a minimum of 10 tips to help you physically, environmentally and digitally to add impact and energy to your time on the ‘little screen.’

This is open to the first 40 people.

It’s interactive; BYOB required – Bring Your Own Body – be willing to laugh and learn.

It’s a conversation to help all enhance their executive media presence and create a visual impression that strengthens their impact on screen.

It’s a working session and that all who attend are required to be open for suggestions and willing to share their own ‘home studio’ tips.


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Mobile: 917-647-8757

Author, What Color is Your Event?

MORE About Dianne

Putting pieces together to deliver a message, to tell a story is what I do whether through consulting on events or crafting new ideas and strategies.

I enjoy working with creative thinking people and businesses who seek solutions and innovations.

I also enjoy bringing out the best in others and telling their personal stories.

We are all players on the virtual stage, the Theater of Virtual Events.

As people and businesses evolve, brainstorming will help to identify new ideas and options for growth and development.

The assets I bring to you to help design new solutions stem from my extensive experience in meeting production.

When Covid struck, I produced Dianne Devitt Presents, a series of programming featuring over 56 speakers in topics from finance, legal, travel and entertainment combining my production and theater experience. This gave me hands-on experience in this new landscape.

My career has given me many highlights from planning a meeting of 12 to an event of over 12,000 – from CEOs and U.S. Presidents to Astronauts and students. Working with people, planning the dynamics of human interaction and understanding the value of sensory communication enable me to help others strengthen the human connection.