series of conferences on cross-border Remote Work.

Part 1 of this series evolved around the legal compliance challenges and non-compliance repercussions in terms of financial and reputational damage for both employers and employees.

In part 2, corporate Human Resource practice that during the pandemic almost overnight was confronted with a dispersed workforce beyond the country’s border and experienced that a local orientation no longer sufficed.

Now that cross-border remote work is here to stay, in many organizations the HR department is reinventing itself to come to grips with the “moving jobs to people” aspirations of both the business and its workforce.

But how to navigate this perfect storm of

business needs,

employees’ demands,

colliding jurisdictions/many legal compliance requirements, strict enforcement, and

severe penalties?

In this retake of the November 10 conference, and Expatise Academy will reflect on the insights gained in terms of

HR strategy,

governance framework,

HR policies, processes,

tools, and technology.