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Executive coach

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Head Of Human Resources WW Customer Experience

Supporting a number of Global Business Units totaling approx 100k associates in following functions : Delivery Experience teams, Robotics, WW Customer Service, Virtual Contact Groups, Technology & Engineering teams, Capacity Planning, Return Centers and Digital support.

Managing a global HR team of approx 320 professionals in 19 different countries

Results-driven Head of Human Resources with global experience championing process, system and resource optimization through talent management, employee engagement, and transformational change, with particular strengths in industrial relations and business partnering.

I am a diplomatic multilingual communicator who naturally empowers and integrates individuals at all levels to promote a safe, accountable and effective working environment; driving best practice and governance with exceptional judgement, influence and integrity.

A customer-focused leader who facilitates mutually beneficial solutions, training and continuous improvement to consistently achieve operational and strategic targets, championing accountability and inclusion

►Talent Management – Builds effective operations through talent development & acquisition

►Rewards & Recognition – Aligns performance with a streamlined Rewards & Recognition system

►Diversity & Inclusion – Appreciation of all cultures to optimize team synergy and productivity

►Change Management – Drives cultural, structural & strategic change for continuous improvement

►Business Transformation – Strives to deliver optimum efficiency & Operational Excellence

►Problem Resolution – Proactive and innovative in facilitating solutions to any business challenge

►Executive Consulting – Supports senior management in budget/strategy planning/implementation

HR Automation at Amazon

One of the leadership principles is Invent and Simplify: leaders expect and require innovation and invention from their teams and always find ways to simplify.

How do we drive automation in HR?

It all starts with a PRFAQ – starting from the customer and working backwards

Review of PRFAQ – funding + creating of two pizza teams – use of Agile project methodology.

Some innovative examples:

  1. Recruiting: At Amazon we recruit wage associates via Salesforce – how to address the problem of scaling
    1. Recruiting 30K employees without recruiters involved – we call it lights out
    2. People take a personality and capability test – and in some markets a language test.
    3. If they score above a certain threshold, they get automatically get an offer and they are being invited to the training class
  2. Nostradamus: named after Nostradamus was a French astrologer and reputed seer. Nostradamus is a Tool to predict attrition based on AI. We identified approx. 28 attributes that would predict if somebody was likely going to leave. The results and pilots surprised us – we had an accuracy of 70% and higher. We would then equip the team lead with a conversation to have a stay conversation with the employees that could be at risk.
  3. The stay interview is preferable to an exit interview because, in a stay interview, you ask current employees why they continue to work for your organization. At the exit interview, it’s too late to identify and solve the problems.
  1. Chat Bot: tier 1 HR support – piloted in India for 30K Amazonians. HR can save time and effort by adding AI-driven employee conversations. Chatbots allow the HR team to provide instant, accurate responses to common queries. … Chatbots enable HR teams to engage with each employee on an individual, one-on-one basis consistent with their personal situation and issues
  1. Voice of Associates: way to have a direct pulse on the workfloor – Associates can post a question or a comment to the VOA Board – management will react asap … for instance food quality. Other associates can vote up or down .. a real great barometer

Hallmark application – easy way to keep track of anniversaries and birthdays of your employees. No excuse to forget.