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Do you have a Personal Board of Directors?
Who is on Your Personal Board of Directors?

What is possible for you when you have a diverse group of supporters, mentors, coaches and advisers?

There are 3 types of people you could include:

1️⃣You need fans — people who support you and will deliver tough feedback with kindness and good intent

2️⃣Recruit potential sponsors — senior leaders who can advocate for you when it’s time for a promotion

3️⃣Include at least one critic. These people may be the toughest to approach, but they can be the most valuable. Look for people who have deep-seated perceptions of you and are likely to block you from advancing. If you enlist their help, you may be able to shift the relationship into a positive one and use their criticism to grow

Source: Adapted from “To Get Promoted, Get Feedback from Your Critics,” by Sabina Nawaz

***link in comments below to full article “Forget Mentors: Employ a Personal Board of Directors by Priscilla Claman and other relevant resources and articles

Acknowledgment: graphic by Angie Grossman

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