No alt text provided for this image  Here are six ways to turn criticism into growth, courtesy of Oscar Munoz, author, speaker, visionary, former executive chairman and former chief executive officer of United Airlines.

Munoz tells the story of finding a letter on his desk one morning after becoming CEO of United Airlines:  “Why I Left United After Three Million Miles,” written by a faithful United customer who had attained membership in their Global Services program.

It wasn’t a warm and fuzzy communication – in fact, it began with “Dear Oscar, Congratulations and condolences on your new role.”

Munoz knew that was a pivotal moment; that the way he received and acted on this customer’s straightforward feedback would set the tone for the way he would approach the responsibility of guiding United’s strategy, brand and workforce.

He noted that “What I’ve come to find is that the less the person knows you personally, the more harsh that feedback may be. Many times, it also tends to be more honest.”

Long story short: of course, he won back the customer with the kind of personal attention and regard that was a hallmark of his position and business outlook, wove this approach through his leadership, and provided a strong model for United employees.

Munoz’s moral-of-the-story: Never ignore the bad feedback.

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