• Building Your Team’s Performance—Discover how to navigate some of the toughest employee relations challenges that corporate leaders face every day. This course leads participants through improving team communication, improving formal documentation, strategies to avoid litigation, and inspiring increased engagement.
  • First Time Manager – Discover how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that stem from leading and managing your employees effectively. In this course, first time leaders learn how to build trust and relationships with team members, how to avoid the pitfalls many managers encounter, and how to improve formal documention.
  • Ignore Your Customers (And They’ll Go Away)—Discover how to create an organization where it’s clear (internally and externally) that customers are the most important part of the business. Participants learn how to retain a higher proportion of existing customers while attracting new customers in a way that is nearly immune to competitors.
  • A Mind for Sales – Discover how to become a top-performing salesperson including having the right mindset, how to leverage your greatest assets, how to avoid mind traps that drive focus away from the activities that create value, and how to take the lead with prospects and customers by understanding the process to transform their needs into sales.