Talent Management is global and international mobility has been recognised as a pre-condition to reach top management.

Here’s an opportunity to learn more and discuss international trade and economic development; leader development and the role of strategic global talent mobility.

Please be prepared to join the conversations:

(1) How do you justify the financial and business risk of relocating people from successful positions in familiar settings to new and challenging environments?

(2) How can/should people and orgs flourish as a result of a global assignment experience?

(3) As a company, how can/should we gain competitive advantage using global assignments?


 8,  check-in opens 

…refreshments / conversations


Welcome and intros 

… John Habanek and Ed Cohen

9:15 – 10

How to achieve 100% RoI on mobile talent strategy

Horace Porras, VP HR  Latin America 

American Tower Corporation



10:30 – 12

Talent Life-cycle Management integrating Benefits & Mobility

 Lori Aprahamian – Principal Financial

Becky Woods – ADP

Michael Elia – TRAQS.com

David Buchner Jr – MasterCard

Bill Sheridan – NFTC

Roger Sorhagen – FirstClass Moving Systems

Allen Koski – UnitedHealthcare Global


RoI of Well-Being on Assignment


using new technology

  Kfir Eyal, BetterHelp.com  … demo/discussion



After lunch…Introducing Roman Zelichenko, Founder/CEO


Immigration Compliance / Legal Automation. 

Cloud-based solution delivers electronic Labor Condition Application posting and Public Access File management to H-1B, H-1B1 and E-3 employers and law firms. Proprietary platform digitizes/ streamlines LCA posting and PAF creation process, eliminating up to 90% busy work


1:15 – 230

21st Century Design-thinking

Global Career Development involving international assignment,

RoI of team/personal achievement,

RoI of retaining key talent and new skillsets for next assignments

 NY-based LaShell Tinder (Skanska Corp)

 UK-based Wendy Kendall


… Summary and ‘next steps”




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Memo from the Developer & Moderator, Ed Cohen


How to achieve 100% RoI on talent strategy 

Design-thinking “mobility” for the digital era

“Mobility is seen by “new gen” workforce, hungry to climb-the-ladder, as an opportunity to grow a whole range of critical career skills, such as cultural competency, flexibility, learning to work with various people and tactical problem-solving. Movement as well as change are growth in themselves.” (source, TalentCulture)

QUESTIONS derived from thought-leaders from GLOBALHR EXECUTIVE NETWORK

(1) How do you justify the financial and business risk of relocating people from successful positions in familiar settings to new and challenging environments?

(2) How can/should people and orgs flourish as a result of a global assignment experience?

(3) As a company, how can/should we gain competitive advantage using global assignments?

Source includes: UK-based WendyKendall.com + Michael J Elia CEO | TraQs Consulting | www.TraQs.com  


We will see more start-ups growing global to source for funds, talent, markets.

Shifting demographics, digitalization, growing global talent capacity, the desire for greater job satisfaction …converging to change “employment” …think a minute about PEO, remote and flex work, sequential projects / gig… freelance-driven.



Host sponsor

John Habanek  Executive Director,

Sales Strategy & National Client Relationship Management

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GLOBAL HR’s role in 2019

accelerating assignee & family well-being

 company DUTY TO CARE about

accelerating performance of assignees

accelerating performance of mobility teams 

accelerating success; personal and team


…  Boards want 100% RoI on mobile talent strategy…

this session will show you how to think about it…

how to design a system that works for you and the business

Horace O Porras

Vice-President Human Resources / Latin America

American Tower Corporation


Lori Aprahamian

Head of Mobility, Principal Financial Group

Lori is responsible for the development and end to end service delivery of Principal’s global mobility and US domestic programs.  Lori drives GM strategy, defines the operating model, builds/manages the infrastructure to provide global consistency. 
Lori ensures GM policies are competitive, cost effective, aligned with marketplace best practices, and makes sure GM supports business / HR strategy. 

 She’s a strategic advisor to business leaders, finance, HR business partners on talent management related to GM issues, policies / processes, ensuring global compliance while communicating cost and risk.

David K Buchner, Jr

Vice President -Global Mobility; MasterCard 

David Buchner has international working experience in the areas of Global Mobility, HR, expatriate tax, compensation and benefits. 

Becky Woods, GPHR, SHRM-SCP

Director Global Mobility- ADPBecky Woods brings a blend of strategic and tactical HR expertise. Becky is a human resources professional with career success leading core HR functions and GM programs that positively influence assignee and employee relations, bottom-line profits and compliance. She is skilled in aligning GM initiatives with strategic company objectives while building a collaborative culture focused on meeting business needs in complex industries. She’s highly in-tune with business objectives, fostering valued partnership with C-Suite Executives. 

Bill Sheridan

Vice President, I H R services; National Foreign Trade Council

Kfir Eyal

Head of Partnerships/Sales, BetterHelp.com Mobility

Roger Sorhagen

Vice President National Accounts; First Class Moving Systems (NorthAmericanVanLines)

LaShell Tinder, GPHR, GMS, SSGB Mobility and Talent Management – Global Workforce Engagement.  SKANSKA is a Sweden-based world leading project development and construction group, building for a better society. USA Skanska operates within Commercial Property, Construction and Public Private Partnerships.

LaShell is global mobility, project manager and HR professional with personal and professional experience in multiple areas of the relocation industry. She is a proven, credible partner in building relations with colleagues, customers and vendors. She has demonstrated experience in assignment management, immigration law, expatriate tax compliance with a particular focus on LATAM. Further, policy development, client engagement and implementation, domestic relo, training & development, career / transition coaching & counseling, and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Project management experience implementing assignment management system for global operations. Procurement management and vendor selection experience, both from vendor support services and corporate role.

While living abroad she developed a global mindset and gained complete fluency in Spanish. She strives to be a thought-leader in any environment and looks for strategic approaches to achieve results and add value when working with customers, vendor partners, colleagues. LaShell has “walked the talk” as an accompanying spouse on international assignments, transferring every 2-3 years within Europe and Latin America for 11 years (1992-2003).

She has volunteered in a number of capacities including Cub Master of a Cub Scout Pack of 110 culturally diverse scouts, produced / published 5 school yearbooks and was deeply involved in expatriate groups to help newcomers with their own assimilation process.


Wendy Kendall

Building Borderless Careers; Executive Coaching


UK-based, Wendy Kendall says her mission is to help successful leaders create measurable value on global assignments and minimise the risk of companies losing their best global talents on assignment or when they return. Expanding into international territory, organisations face a constant struggle to sustain competitive edge while their best people acclimate to a different culture and create new business.

QUESTION:  How do you justify the financial and business risk of relocating people from successful positions in familiar settings to new and challenging environments?

RESPONSE:  By aligning strategic and developmental goals that create value, I ensure companies minimise the risk of failed expatriations and losing people on repatriation, and maximise their Return On Investment. 

Michael J Elia

CEO | TraQs Consulting | www.TraQs.com  

Allen Koski

Senior Vice President Commercial Partnerships

UnitedHealthcare Global Solutions at UnitedHealth Group


…and introducing

Roman Zelichenko

… an immigration lawyer and currently the founder and CEO of LaborLess, a tech startup that helps employers streamline H-1B visa compliance.”


It’s in our DNA to bring together smart business people from across silos and from across generations, borders, time and cultures

… to meet, exchange ideas, learn,

and thrive together within a non-threatening learning atmosphere

to find solution pathways

… and build trust