NextGen workplaces; CHROs faced with evolving organizational expectations.

SURVEY: journey to CHRO position

Aon Hewitt’s advisory group of clients the Human Capital Leadership Council (HCLC) came together and asked the question: Is HR developing its own leaders to tackle the challenges of a dynamic environment? Aon Hewitt embarked upon gaining insights in the form of this study: Learning to Fly.

Aon interviewed 45 CHROs from across the globe about their journey to the CHRO position. How did they prepare? What surprised them in a good way? How did they deal with different stakeholders? What wisdom would they pass on to the next generation of CHROs?

The Learning to Fly study was a collaboration between the Performance, Reward & Talent practice, and the Aon Strategic Advisors and Transaction Solutions practice.

Aon Hewitt CHRO study originated from our latest HCLC leadership conference, and chronicles the journey to becoming a CHRO the most senior HR leadership position. Forty-five CHROs were interviewed, surveyed, and assessed by consultants over the course of 16 weeks (late 2014 to early 2015). CHROs were asked to discuss how they came into their role, give advice for future leaders, and describe how emerging trends over a three- to five-year horizon will impact their CHRO role in the future.

The 45 participating CHROs currently head up organizations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia, allowing them to share HR career perspectives from a global framework. The median work experience of the CHROs was 26 years, giving breadth and depth to the ideas and strategies captured in the report. In addition, the organizations represented in this report have remained highly competitive fiscally; one-third of the companies represented are listed in the Fortune 500. Collectively, these organizations represent $1.25 trillion in annual revenue, with 3.35 million employees managed by the CHROs.

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