CEOs don’t find the right people.   

Conscious CEOs help their people to be the right ones.

Myriam Callegarin

CEO at LAJ Global

How CEOs find the right people

to realize their vision

As an ambitious CEO you have a bold vision for your organization.

But do you have the right people to realize that vision?

That was the concern of the CEO of an organization with 600 employees that generated € 30,000,000 revenues last year. The company is growing fast, their business is becoming more complex, and employee turnover has increased dramatically. The Board members were concerned they may have been hiring the wrong people.

The CEO and the entire Management Team started a Leadership Activation Journey™ with us, and they realized there is a different perspective to the concept of ‘the right people’.

Consider this:

  1. You may have the right people – individually – but they may perform poorly when interacting with one another due to personality and cultural clashes. 79% of a team’s potential is lost due to the interaction gap, according to a study carried out by 3circles Partners in 2016. This is the gap between the team’s best performance if each team member were able to express their individual full potential, and the actual team’s performance.
  2. You may have the right people in your Management Team, but they may not be operating like a real Team. Instead of collaborating they may be competing with one another, for example because each one is focused on achieving their own function’s goals, thus slowing down the accomplishment of your organization’s vision.
  3. You may have the right people but in the wrong position, i.e. what they are currently doing is not allowing them to fully express their potential.
  4. You may have the illusion of having the right people in your Management Team. Why? Because everyone says ‘Yes’ to you and you all have a similar approach. However, this may be generating a huge blind spot because everyone sees things the same way. This may be preventing you from recognizing both threats and opportunities.
  5. You may be driving the right people away without being aware of it, for example through a counterproductive leadership style. 75% of employees leave managers, not companies, according to a 2016 Gallup study.

These sound like complex challenges.

So let’s make it easier to find solutions.

Change the question

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Instead of asking:

 ‘Do we have the right people in our company?’

… you could ask:

‘What could help our people to bring out the best and work together effectively, so they can support us to realize our vision?

How a CEO answered this questions

The fast-thinking, visionary CEO of the organization I mentioned in the beginning realized he had been slowing his employees down by being excessively present in the operational aspects. This had been creating a spiral of mutual mistrust, delays and frustrations.

In the process of the Leadership Activation Journey™, the CEO and the Board Members decided to engage the whole management team in co-designing a new, innovative organizational structure that would allow each Director and function to work in synergy to realize the company’s vision.

That was the first time they worked together like a real Team.

In the meantime, the CEO and each member of the Management Team started working on themselves individually to become more conscious and effective communicators.

CEOs don’t find the right people.   

Conscious CEOs help their people to be the right ones.

As a CEO, you can help your people to become the right ones. Within your organization you have all the resources you need to realize your vision, including the wisdom to understand what you need to do differently, who you need to hire and who you may need to let go. You can build a Real Team of conscious leaders, and by asking better questions you can tap into their collective intelligence. This can help your organization to become more agile, so you can face any storm and accomplish any goal.

The Leadership Activation Journey™ provides an evolutionary approach to leadership and organizational development. It operates from the Inside-Out and from the Outside-In with a systemic perspective, considering the personal, team and business dimensions within the organization.

We are building a global team of certified Leadership Activation Coaches and Facilitators. I

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