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Mun @ Grace of no Age

4:27 AM (2 hours ago)

to meAdriana
Hello Ed,
First of all, I think that – if you haven’t yet – it’d be great to have a look at our website, to understand even more about the project.
To help you introduce me, please have a look at my profile here and pick any bits and pieces you think better fit into the way you introduce guests on your show:
Questions that can help explain the project:
– What is Grace of No Age and how was it born
– You mentioned this is an international project. How many countries have already join you?
– If I get into your site, what will I find?
– Who are Grace of No Age’s Ambassadors, or Goddesses, as you like to call them
– Why Goddesses? isn’t it a bit ostentatious?
– How many Ambassadors does the project have, at the moment?
–  How can a woman benefit from Grace of No Age’s blog
– What else, other than content, can a woman find on your site
– Why do you think peri-menopause and menopause is, still nowadays, on the 21st Century, such a taboo?
– What is your ultimate goal, how does Grace have the potential to help women.
– I realized you have a part in the site devoted to men. Can you tell us more about it?
– Also, you organize these amazing retreats, right? What do you have planned for now, when’s the first one and where?
– How can someone who’s watching us support Grace of No Age? Here I’ll talk about the donations and the auction.
Ed, with this, I can fill in the blanks but please, feel free to ask whatever you want.
Thank you so much for helping us with this.

Mun Bau
Grace of No Age Goddess & Founder