MOSCOW Report: VTB Capital announces the launch, 2012 ELEVATE programme

VTB Capital, Russia’s leading investment bank, targeting young professionals who are interested in working for the company.

MOSCOW, 3September 2012 – –
On 3rd September, VTB Capital will launch its 2012 ELEVATE programme, targeted at young professionals who are interested in working for the company. The ELEVATE programme was first launched in September 2011.

This year, the programme’s 13 participants, having all graduated from top Russian and foreign universities, underwent a rigorous competitive selection. This process was inclusive of the successful completion of several interviews, business case studies and financially-based knowledge testing.

Over the next six weeks, eight participants in Moscow and five participants in London will take part in an induction course and training sessions which will cover the development of professional technical skills and personal competences. After completing this course, the applicants will begin one of four three-month internship placements at VTB Capital, including the Global Markets, Global Banking, Structuring and Research Departments.

Natalia Nikiforova, Head of HR at VTB Capital, Russia, said: “The programme will allow each of the participants to gain experience in different business units. This will help young professionals make a better informed decision regarding the future direction of their career. The ELEVATE programme is an excellent opportunity for graduates, who will be starting their careers in one of the leading investment banks in Russia.”

In 2011 VTB Capital announced the launch of two programmes focused on attracting and developing talented individuals: ELEVATE and Fixed Term Analyst (FTA). While ELEVATE programme is aimed at the professional development of graduates for further work at VTB Capital, FTA is an excellent opportunity for current university students to obtain practical experience within key VTB Capital functions.