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Myriam Callegarin
Myriam Callegarin• 1stActivate the true leader within you | Executive Leadership Coach | International Stakeholder Management | Change Management | HR Consulting | Founder of LAJ Global

5 hours ago

I used to think that to influence people and lead, I must be tough and convince people that I’m right, so they would follow me.

But that wasn’t me. That approach didn’t match who I am. I thought I don’t have what it takes to be a real leader.

I was wondering: is it possible to be a great leader AND a nice person too?

As an international Executive Leadership Coach and trainer since 2008, I have been working with thousands of leaders at all levels globally. This has allowed me to observe them and to notice how people behave when they are in the room, and when they are not.

I realized that the leaders who are most successful are the ones who balance a focus on Results with a focus on People. They are the ones who genuinely connect with people and bring out the best in them. According to research, only 1% of leaders does that.

But this can be learnt.

Working with leaders and seeing how they grow into transformational leaders fills me with joy. I see them feel proud of who they become. I see their teams become highly engaged and collaborative. I see how together they become role models for their colleagues in their organization, silently transforming the culture. I see them turn their relationships with their most challenging stakeholders into productive and mutually respectful collaborations. And I see their careers and salaries rise as a natural consequence.

That’s their true power of influence. Without bragging, without raising their voices, and without manipulating, they make a difference.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

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