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Mark Colo

co-founder FindNeuroHelp 

TEDx  Speaker

My Parkinson’s Story   watch this, click Adaptability Proliferates Possibilities (12 Min)


“Live” Broadcast/Recording

OCT 5  starting  3pm  PT


Meeting ID: 804 402 4005;  Passcode: 6RLzyR

Dr. Howard Federoff

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Ryne BiotechnologyPioneering



to cure

neurologic disease

Larry Linton


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Lawyer. Author. Advocate. Musician

4167106546 (Mobile)

Living with Parkinson’s Disease is the story of a reluctant hero navigating the trauma of a life-altering diagnosis.   After going through a long-term, debilitating stage of grief, Larry Linton emerges to find life worth living and enjoying again.

Dave Cohen

Concord, California

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Seasoned, deeply experienced communicator.

Focused on crisis, change, internal and executive communications.

Experienced, energetic multi-discipline communications professional with skills in writing, editing, video production, social networking, change management and more.

Melissa (Castro) Putze

Michigan / Nashville

Image previewI’m officially an Artificial Intelligence inventor at Deloitte Technology!

The name of my Innovation Campaign idea is

Automate and Standardize;

Global Business Processes Using;

Artificial Intelligence.

Here’s Melissa on GlobalTVtalkshow  speaking about A I and it’s usefulness in the workplaces. We are joined by Germany-based Annette Derkin, business coach.



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