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OCT  5   

starting 3pm Pacific

“Live” Broadcast / Recording session


Meeting ID: 804 402 4005;  Passcode: 6RLzyR

Host & Moderator: Ed Cohen:      Welcome.  Tune-into the “live” recording session; watch what happens. Participate; use “chat” to ask a question/comment.  Question for me?

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Mark Colo

co-founder FindNeuroHelp 

TEDx  Speaker

My Parkinson’s Story   watch this, click Adaptability Proliferates Possibilities (12 Min)

You are invited to meet and dialog


Dr. Howard Federoff

Profile photo of Howard Federoff

Ryne BiotechnologyPioneering



to cure

neurologic disease

Larry Linton


Profile photo of Larry Linton

Lawyer. Author. Advocate. Musician

4167106546 (Mobile)

Living with Parkinson’s Disease is the story of a reluctant hero navigating the trauma of a life-altering diagnosis.   After going through a long-term, debilitating stage of grief, Larry Linton emerges to find life worth living and enjoying again.

Dave Cohen

… has Parkinson’s …

Concord, California

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Seasoned, deeply experienced communicator.

Focused on crisis, change, internal and executive communications.

Experienced, energetic multi-discipline communications professional with skills in writing, editing, video production, social networking, change management and more.

Profile photo of Melissa PutzeMelissa (Castro) Putze

Michigan / Nashville

I’m officially an Artificial Intelligence inventor at Deloitte Technology!

The name of my Innovation Campaign idea is

Automate and Standardize;

Global Business Processes Using;

Artificial Intelligence.

Melissa Putze

Here’s Melissa on GlobalTVtalkshow  speaking about A I and it’s usefulness in the workplaces. We are joined by Germany-based Annette Derkin, business coach.

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Finally! The three trillion dollar bioeconomy is about to 🚀🚀🚀🚀 It all opens up with The Nobel Prize awarded to COVID Vaccine makers. Let’s build a Bio-intelligent manufacturing future together! NouBio Inc is open to any and all partnerships in cultivated meat, cell-based vaccines or cell-based therapies. We drop the production costs by 95% and maintain the same high performance of FBS.

In 2022 NouBio Inc opened up shop in LA, California & Utrecht to sell the “Bio-Intelligent Manufacturing” picks & shovels to finally unlock the $3 Trillion BioEconomy. Do you🫵 want to get involved in the 👉 NouBio Inc journey to become🦄 ?

In 2023 we launched product #1 NouSerum & expanded with hybrid offices in Dundalk, Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪 ; London, UK🇬🇧 ; Paris, France 🇫🇷, & Wall Street NYC 🇺🇲 (Thanks to preseed VC BIV!).

Our patent and patent-pending synbio product NouSerum is needed to drop production costs by 95% & maintain optimal performance for all cell-based biomanufacturing from therapies, to vaccines, foods, human tissue, materials & more.

Want exclusive access to NouSerum: a synbio, full FBS replacement, with 300 proteins & in GRAS category? NouFarm: robotic cellular farming? Or NouCarrier: edible fat replacement microcarriers?

Let’s go Dr. Stephen G. Gray!!

Email or send a WhatsApp directly to him on +31634445630 🌹☘️

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