Profile photo of Michael TimmsHow Leaders Can Inspire Accountability

  • What should leaders do to help build accountability within their teams and organizations?
  • What should they do to create thriving workplace environments?
  • How does good leadership reduce stress in the workplace?
  • How can leaders balance the need to ensure employees deliver results while also caring deeply about their wellness?

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Michael Timms

After watching leaders for years struggle with the same problems of employees missing deadlines, finger-pointing when things go wrong, and poor work quality and execution, I wrote my latest bestseller, “How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability.” This book reveals three powerful habits that transform positional leaders into true leaders who inspire everyone to take more accountability for results.

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Topics I’m often asked to speak on include how to:

• Develop Talent Engagement and Retention Amongst Teams
• How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability
• Succession Planning That Works
• Engaging and Retaining Talent In The New Reality