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2020 April up thru 2021 June 8


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since 2003 startup: 1.2 million pageviews.

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be a link-maker

Bring together business people from across industries and silos, from across borders and cultures.

Using the low cost and effective tv talkshow we collapse time.

We make intros happen enabling talk and idea X.

Yes, we help people who enter as strangers, leave as friends… learning from each other, building rapport that could last years, if lucky.

We bring together business people.


we are link-makers™.

With Gratitude


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Luisa Mendoza

Founder and CEO

GTSE – Global Tourism Sports & Entertainment 

(917) 415-0725

About  LUISA

Passionate, disruptive, and innovative thought leader with 20 years of experience in the tourism, sports and entertainment industry, who has worked globally with the top brands/CEO’s & international organizations such as the NYC & Company, NBA Brooklyn Nets, US Major League Sports, Marriott International, Silverstein Properties, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, leading travel trade partners, destination management offices and ExO companies in China, Australia, Europe, Africa, Canada, USA and Latin America.

High Value Content

Luisa’s passion & extensive experience for the tourism sports & entertainment industry lead Luisa to launch GTSE – Global Tourism Sports & Entertainment in the midst of COVID-19.

However, Luisa is a believer that “COVID-19 did not happen to her, it happened FOR her” leading Luisa to diversify her business portfolio by expanding her love and passion to help individuals and businesses grow exponentially and expanded GTSE into GTSE+, where her company now also offers digital marketing, public relations, and executive leadership transformation to clients beyond the sports & tourism industries. In addition Luisa also serves as Chief Business Officer for BostonExo.

Humble beginnings are a constant reminder that no matter your background, race, or social/economic status, anything is possible if you have the courage, passion, and grit to follow your dreams.

Goal:  Leave a legacy where she can provide hope and inspiration to women, minorities, and children around the world.