Employees push for DEI as pressure builds on companies
(tumsasedgars/Getty Images)
The Edelman Trust Barometer shows 60% of employees don’t want to work for companies that aren’t publicly working to end racial injustice, while 62% say companies are not living up to that expectation as pressure from politicians to ease such policies increases, such as Florida’s new law restricting state officials from investing public money to promote environmental, social and governance goals.
Companies that want to commit to diversity, equity and inclusion should begin by overhauling their culture, providing mentoring and eliminating bias from hiring practices, writes human resources practitioner Samantha Depierro.

Full Story: Axios (5/17),  People Development Network (5/16)

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Put it into practice: Companies that aren’t committed to DEI and ESG will “eventually become extinct and irrelevant,” says Lisa Osborne Ross, Edelman’s US CEO. “Companies should respond by realizing that when you do not have a representative workforce, your work suffers,” Osborne Ross says.

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