LexisNexis® Announces Worldwide Screening Solution

Global screening solution provides HR professionals the opportunity to support a single, integrated view of background screening for more than 225 countries and territories
ATLANTA (JUNE 25, 2012) –
LexisNexis® Risk Solutions today announced the availability of a unique global screening solution that provides a one-world view of employment screening that includes the capability to support background checking for more than 225 countries and territories into a seamless, unified service and online interface. With millions of individuals moving to and from different countries every year, more employers are demanding streamlined background checking tools to allow them to easily screen applicants both inside and outside their current country of residence.

“Employers and HR professionals understand the benefits of background checks, yet when it comes to worldwide screening many aren’t sure how to combine and successfully integrate their global and domestic programs, much less how to handle international compliance issues related to consumer privacy and data protection regulations,” said Lee Rivas, senior vice president and general manager, Screening, LexisNexis. “Our global screening solution gives them a “one-world” solution that merges their programs and simplifies their entire screening workflow.”

Several key advantages differentiate LexisNexis “one-solution worldwide” program from traditional, basic global screening services, including:

• Comprehensive reach into more than 225 countries and territories

With proprietary global operations centers in the U.S., the United Kingdom and Singapore, and a closely managed network of local fulfillment partners, LexisNexis provides “feet on the street” in more jurisdictions than many other screening providers. Through advanced technology and a uniform platform delivery system, all results are presented in a consistent, easy-to-read format, regardless of which partner fulfills the search or where the screening order is filled.

• A proprietary, automated “compliance engine”

Because screening requirements and restrictions vary from country to country, an automated compliance engine is built into the ordering platform that only allows users to order searches LexisNexis has determined to be generally available for employment purposes. This unique feature reduces the unnecessary time and cost of ordering types of searches that are prohibited within a specific country. However, employers should still consult with their legal counsel as to whether a search is permissible in that location for the role and/or candidate in question.

• Highly scalable access and results delivery

Knowing that businesses have unique needs, LexisNexis offers multiple options for ordering reports and accessing results. For example, employers focused on maximizing overall hiring efficiencies can easily integrate LexisNexis worldwide screening into a new or existing Applicant Tracking System.

Similarly, employers can save time and streamline hiring by automating data capture for global screening consent forms with the LexisNexis Candidate Data Capture tool.

Some businesses appreciate the sophisticated account management options available through LexisNexis Enterprise Edition, a premier-level online platform for ordering worldwide screening reports, tracking and monitoring account activity and receiving results. LexisNexis also offers customers a secure mobile application for convenient, on-the-go access to their global screening program at any time.

“From our tested on-boarding process that ensures a swift, smooth and secure global program implementation to market-leading service quality, we’re serious about making absolutely every detail simpler from start to finish,” said Ginny Gomez, vice president product development, Screening, LexisNexis. “Everything is designed to make the management of an integrated worldwide screening program easier for our customers.” LexisNexis “one-solution worldwide” will be featured throughout the SHRM 2012 Annual Conference and Exposition this week in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, visit http://www.lexisnexis.com/globalscreening.

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