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Flag of Brazil

“Between Brazil’s easternmost and westernmost points, there’s an astonishing distance of around 4.2 thousand kilometers. 

That’s a similar distance between Casablanca, Morocco, and Moscow. 

With an area of 8.5 million square kilometers, Brazil is almost as big as Western Europe, which has an area of 10.2 million square kilometers.”

Shown above: Rio


Kamylle Mourão Cavalcante

Kamylle Mourão Cavalcante

Global Mobility Senior Manager 
Immigration Expert | Attorney
PortugalProfile photo of Kamylle Mourão Cavalcante


With 10 years of experience in solving the immigration challenges triggered by moving people to and from a large number of countries like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobabo, Suriname, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Saudi Arabia, US, among others.

Wide experience in Tax and Immigration.

Decision-making and problem-solving oriented professional.


Deel is the all-in-one HR platform for global teams. It helps companies simplify every aspect of managing an international workforce, from culture and onboarding, to local payroll and compliance.

Deel works for independent contractors and full-time employees in more than 150 countries, compliantly. And getting set up takes just a few minutes.

Today, Deel serves over 20,000 customers from SMBs to publicly traded companies.

Our values:

Genuine Care – We deeply value our customers and understand the impact of our work.

Deel Speed – We move fast and build to last.

Default Optimism – We stay positive and balance our perspectives.

Thoughtful Frugality – We get more done with less and are careful with our resources.

Exceed Expectations – We own our work and always overachieve.

Together Everywhere – We sit anywhere and connect everywhere.

Laura Ganon  FINK Mobility logo


Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Profile photo of Laura Ganon

Laura Ganon

Gabriela Brizio Rivas

Global Mobility Lead
Compliance:  LATAM Immigration Consultant + International Tax
Total Rewards
HR People Experience 

Mexico City

Profile photo of Gabriela Brizio Rivas

Paul Falcone

Los Angeles


Alfredo “Alf”  Syngenta logo


HR, Global Mobility,

International Tax &

Latam Payroll Professional

Mexico City

Profile photo of Alfredo “Alf” Marron

Passionate for Team work and “teach by learning and learn by teaching” approach. Focused on an employee experience based on a strong relationship with Stakeholders, COE and vendors involved, strong believer of continuous growth paved on empathy for all involved in the process.


– Result Oriented – Empathic Communication – Bringer of Alternatives
– Vast Knowledge – Pondered Decision making – Focused on “Win-Win” relationships
– Resource maximization – Strategies’ implementation & modification – Teammates developer

Mirela Marin

Director Global Mobility

Global Mobility Leader Inspiring teams around a common vision of success and excellence


A picture containing shape Description automatically generated


My core competencies include:

 Global Program/Project Design & Management
 HR Transformation Leadership
 Policy/Process Development & Implementation
 Stellar Customer Experience Delivery
 Executive Influence & Negotiation
 Talent Strategy Creation / Succession Planning
 High-Performing Team Development
 Cross-Functional Collaboration
 Procurement & Vendor Management

Learning about the value and safety of establishing a Global Employment Company

Client Strategy Lead
Global Mobility



ITX delivers cost-effective Global Mobility solutions and operational support to organisations that wish to simplify and enhance the way they work across borders.

ITX provides a full range of services, ranging from bespoke Legal and Consulting studies, to IT & Digital Solutions, to fully-operational turnkey solutions that cover every aspect of Expatriate Management, Administration, Finance and Accounting, including expatriate packages, employment contracts, payroll, expatriate onboarding, supplier management, accounting, rebilling, and more.

By developing solutions that can be either standardised or fully customised, ITX can support organisations at every stage of their evolution, to meet their business needs, provide the expected quality of service, and help them achieve their efficiency and cost management objectives.

Our mission is to work alongside our HR and business leaders, and participate in their success as trusted business partners, helping their organisation to grow internationally, whilst delivering outstanding levels of support to employees, managers, and HR professionals.

Melissa Putze  

Speaks  A I

 Image preview

Artificial Intelligence inventor  

The name of my Innovation Campaign idea is

Automate and Standardize Global Business Processes Using Artificial Intelligence.

AI Innovation Challenge Winner
Engineer x 8

Talks about #geek, #deeptech, #womenintech, #biotechnology, #artificialintelliegence

Harvey Castro, MD, MBA

Harvey Castro, MD, MBA.

ChatGPT Healthcare Advisor

Physician with Executive MBA

AI in Healthcare Author Ex-CEO & Physician, aiding in AI’s healthcare integration. Empowering physicians, patients, authoring the AI in healthcare revolution.

Talks about #healthcare,  #leadership,  #physicians,  #chatgpthealthcare,  #healthcareconsulting

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Closing Keynoter:

Steven Howard

Creator of Humony Leadership
Biggest Voices in Leadership 2023
Professional Speaker
Mentoring Good Managers Into Great Leaders
Leadership Mentor and Coach

Awarding-Winning Author

Steven Howard

Humony Leadership:

Mindsets, Skills and Behaviors for Being a Successful People-Centric Leader

In awarding a Gold Medal to Humony Leadership, the Nonfiction Authors Association called it “a significant work with an important mission.”

Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2023)
5 Star Review

Great leaders are role models in the corporate world. They kindle our desire to bring out the best in us. When we try to reflect on their strategy for ensuring effectiveness, we often attribute it to pure vision or their innovative blueprints to steer companies to a higher level. But the core actuality is much more about a culture based on human connections in the world force.

In “Humony Leadership: Mindsets, Skills, and Behaviors for Being a Successful People-Centric Leader”, Steven Howard, an award-winning author, takes a straightforward and sure-footed look into a people-centric leadership approach that will enable managers to accost and deal with unpredictability and ambivalence.

By presenting a roadmap in a world that is dynamic with AI strategies, Steven presents a leadership model based on our instinctive human capabilities and our all-embracing desire for cooperation and unity.  Accessible and jargon-free, the text encourages a new pathway that differs from traditional styles of leadership and one that is adaptable to a world that is ever-changing and turbulent.  Undoubtedly heartfelt and bold, the author argues that the galvanizing factor for company success is harmonizing and humanizing the workplace as people flourish together in collective purpose.

As each topical chapter builds upon the other with a sharp focus and subtopics, careful readers will be able to master this refreshing model and will be reminded of the importance of valuing employees for a company to reach its destination. Buoyant with helpful quotes at the beginning of each chapter that serves as hints to the subject matter, “Humony Leadership: Mindsets, Skills, and Behaviors for Being a Successful People-Centric Leader” builds to a conclusion that recapitulates its main points, bolstered by the author’s bold and easygoing tone.

Successful leadership is an impactful process where leaders implement everyday, sensible strategies that help people and organizations thrive. Artless and well-informed, Steven Howard has a lot to teach as he offers a timeless approach to leadership bound to stimulate success in the future. Further, the self-reflective summaries done at the end of every chapter are touch points in the author’s primary message overflowing with nuggets of wisdom that every leader needs to read.

Altogether, “Humony Leadership: Mindsets, Skills, and Behaviors for Being a Successful People-Centric Leader” is not only a straight-from-the-hip five-star compendium but its current and relevant viewpoints on a Humony Leadership Approach weaves together a standard guideline on the secret behind inspirational leadership.

From the Author

Humony is a word coined by me combining Human, Humanity, and Harmony to emphasize the leading of people and the need for leaders to create workplaces of wellness and harmony. I sincerely hope it resonates with you and provides you with an enhanced mindset on leadership and being a leader of people. ~ Steven Howard



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