Rigoberto Vazquez Pena

7:54 AM (1 hour ago)

to Emilymefelipe.dattwyler@gmail.com
For Felipe my question would be:
In terms of investment, do Chilean companies see Mexico as attractive market to expand their operations around LATAM?
Please provide details about the pros and cons of doing business with Mexico from your perspective
For Emily:
Culturally speaking, what would be the top three challenges that nationals from Canada may find to adapt into Mexico´s way of doing business
Please provide details about the myths and facts they may envisage before coming into Mexico

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I accept the invitation.

 My personal questions of interest:
1. I am interested in Rigoberto’s opinion on how/If Mexico is ready to absorb into its own economy the multiple professional expats country received over the last several years?
2. to Felipe:  What Chile is doing in this regard? ( if Chile, as a country open to accepting people or businesses relocating from different countries?) 
What exactly are professions, industires and business types are top priorities as of now for such a country, as Chile?
3.  What are the current and emerging business programs, and developments that have appeared/opened up during the COVID, as new business opportunities, which might attract people from the US, Canada and Europe to relocate to Mexico and Chile?

Thanks and regards.
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from Felipe to Emily

Felipe Dättwyler

1:15 PM (6 minutes ago)

to RigobertoEmilyme
Thank you Ed

Dear Emily and Rigo,

Thanks for your interesting questions which are already noted, I will prepare a brief and consistent answer for each one aiming to enrich this talk.
From my end, my questions of interest as follows:
To Emily:
In the post pandemic context, big resignation trend and millennial workforce increase, which are your hybrid and remote work perspectives for the next few years?
To Rigo:
As per your wide corporate experience, under your perspective, which are the new trends on hiring policies that are setting the standard in México and the region?
Thanks a lot and pleased to connect tomorrow!
Best regards
Un saludo

Felipe Dättwyler 

Santiago de Chile