with  KEN SOMERS  answers for the real world… 

coaching and/or mentoring in-place HR Business Partners to enhance their effectiveness and value-add to the organization



Somers HR Solutions, LLC

Is your Human Resources team delivering what is needed to power your business?

Are your HR practices aligned with the business strategy?

Are you getting an acceptable return on the investments you make in the people of your organization?

An independent consultancy dedicated to helping business leaders and their teams diagnose and solve people management challenges.  

Managing Partner, Ken Somers, is especially adept at coaching HR Business Partners to enhance their organizational impact. 

He is passionate about delivering 

answers for the real world.”

Ken’s career spans more than 40 years as both an HR practitioner and executive leader.  In addition to his domestic experiences, he has lived and worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Malaysia. 

He completed his most recent assignment as the interim country head for an insurance company’s back office operation in Poland. 

Ken’s vast international experience enables him to bring a multicultural and multi-generational perspective to solving client challenges


Our practice is built to deliver high impact results in a few key areas of human capital leadership.

  • Coaching and/or mentoring in-place HR Business Partners to enhance their effectiveness and value-add to the organization
  • Coaching for performance improvement – both executive and non-executive staff
  • Interim HR leader roles
  • Development of communications to assure your employment-related messages are understood
However, with our ability to tap into a far-reaching network of domestic and international subject matter experts, we are able to address almost any human capital management need.

Visit this page (click) to see a curated selection of news and insights that can affect your employees and influence how you respond to active challenges. 

We have access to some terrific legal and other resources for executive and human resources leadership.

If you are interested in a particular topic or country, please let us know with an email to

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