John Lee of Culture Mee, Ireland

John has extensive experience travelling to and working with different cultures, and has seen first-hand the power of getting culture right. 

CultureMee is one of the only travel start-ups in the world to have won global awards in both business and leisure travel.

It was founded by husband and wife team Dee and John Lee.  Between them they have traveled to over 80 countries and even brought their baby daughter Rosa with them who by the time she was 2 years of age had already traveled to 23 countries!

John and Dee welcomed their second daughter Esmé into the world in March 2019.

John speaks 6 languages, 4 of which fluently, and he has lived and traveled around the world.

In his former corporate life with FTSE 100 company CRH plc, he had traveled to over 150 different locations throughout Europe.

source: The Irish Times

“The couple both trained as accountants in Dublin. Dee went on to work in investment banking, with Lehman Brothers in London, while John worked for CRH in Dublin and Amsterdam. They are also widely travelled. “I’ve travelled to over 60 countries, while John isn’t far behind me. John also speaks six foreign languages (four fluently), and we have both lived in a number of different countries,” Dee says.”

Dee and John Lee, founders of culture and travel app CultureMee, in Rwanda

John and Dee Lee, CultureMee, on tour in Rwanda


CultureMee is the first content platform to help travelers navigate other cultures.
CultureMee was included in Buying Business Travel’s Hotlist for 2019 of companies which will revolutionize business travel.

Winner; “Best Travel Technology Product” – Global Youth Travel Awards, September 2018:

Business Culture video here:

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