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Be intentional about goodwill towards people from different cultures or countries; be truthful, be in the presentBeing polite is always beneficialIt can build bridges and round the edges.”

– Irma Vartanian Balian,
Founder of ProtocolWise

Successes and Challenges


Immigrating to Canada

Article by Denise Young, MAct, Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer

Irma Vartanian Balian is a trusted Consultant to corporations and professionals on developing their Cultural Intelligence, Communication and People Skills, Leadership Brand, and Motivational Drive in a diverse environment.   

She also provides leadership training to women across cultures.

Irma mentors and empowers emerging women leaders in the WIL foundation.

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International consultant in Protocol,
Soft Diplomacy,
Cultural Intelligence

ProtocolWise provides valuable expertise and advice in protocol,
cross-cultural awareness and professionalism to corporations,
organizations, executives, diplomats and
individuals worldwide, enabling them to thrive.

As a female advocate I also provide training in vital people skills designed for Women Leaders. I believe women’s effective communication skills, and the proper way to carry themselves are crucial for their leadership role in executive positions.

Given my experience in family and corporate business within a culturally rich environment, I’m able to relate to the concerns and challenges that my clients have. I put people at ease because I believe that learning is only effective within a relaxed, fun, yet structured and respectful atmosphere.

The know-how behind a successful business lunch/dinner is crucial, as Corporate meals are essential for negotiations and business decisions. I help my clients to conduct them successfully from A to Z.

I’m a Board Member and a Keynote Speaker at Charity Organizations and NGOs.

Writing about people skills is my most enjoyable passion. I frequently contribute articles about Cultural Intelligence, Leadership Development and Corporate Diplomacy to prominent sources.

I have conducted weekly Live ‘Protocol & Soft Diplomacy’ Radio shows discussing the current trends in human-skills matters. As a Tea Champion I also provide courses in Afternoon Tea know-how to my clients.

Reading, entertaining guests, sharing my knowledge, spending time with my children and family, spreading kindness through empathy and respect, traveling, learning about new cultures and practicing what I preach is what makes life more beautiful for me!

Given the circumstances following the pandemic, I have the pleasure to conduct my trainings virtually to an even wider audience across the globe. Therefore, wherever you may be, I’m only a zoom meeting away!

I look forward to hearing from you!
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