HR function: Increasing stature, influence

SILICON VALLEY — The Glowan Consulting Group has introduced a targeted new process for Human Resource Organizations and Human Resource Professionals aimed at increasing the stature and influence of the HR function within organizations.

Offered as an “in-house” process for Human Resource organizations, “A Seat At The Table” helps HR organizations reposition their people and function as strategic business partners rather than the more traditional role of support and compliance.

This new way of thinking about Human Resource’s role is achieved by evaluating and assessing the strategic positioning and impact HR has on the business operations and the financial performance of the enterprise. By assessing where the majority of HR time and energy is spent, HR professionals readily discover whether they are spending most of their time in “Intervention”, “Prevention”, or “Advancement”.

Utilizing a Glowan design combining the technologies of Appreciative Inquiry and Root Cause Analysis, the process arms participants with the tools, techniques and skills to move Human Resources from their more traditional place in the organization to one of true leadership.

Components includes:
*Introduction: Earning a seat at the table
*Characteristics of a high performance workplace
*Creating a Coaching Culture
*IPA: Intervention, Prevention & Advancement
*GROW Assessment
*Personal and organizational planning and goal-setting. Professional and Executive Coaching is included in the process.