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Project Management

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We all know at one level that success isn’t defined just by a job title or salary, but still many people (consciously or unconsciously) continue to measure their success in this way.
And this traditional, limited conceptualization of success has huge implications for how we think about ourselves, for our satisfaction with our work, for our self-esteem, health, and well-being, and for the overall quality of our lives.
This smart infographic reminds us to reflect critically on our core beliefs about success, so that we don’t sell ourselves short, or directly or indirectly harm ourselves, our workplace, or those nearest and dearest to us.

How do you really think about success, and what yardstick do you use to measure it?

Perhaps it’s time to throw down an antiquated success-measuring stick, and pick up a better one?

(Source: @ThePresentPsychologist)
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