We have two separate interviews with Hampton Dowling on two different topics:

Interview #1: International Competitiveness

Interview #2: Geo-Politics & World Commerce, Brexit…Who’s Next?, China & The South China Sea

Ed’s special guest is Hampton Dowling, MBA, PMP, Senior Operations Executive with The HCB Group in Washington D.C. Today, Hampton packs an incredible body of timely information (some would say a college course on geo-politics and trade) into a 20 minute conversation with host Ed Cohen. Honestly, you want to click the play button below and listen!

The HCB Group is a professional advisory and services company that defines complex challenges and delivers solutions through partnerships and strategic relationships. Success is realized by enhancing client’s bottom line with credible advice aligned with actionable solutions that makes sense. We deliver executive-level advisory and program management services to the US private sector, US Government Inter-Agency Community, and public sector agencies in LatAm, SE Asia, E Europe and GCC to include state-owned companies and JVs regarding:

  • Mobility and distributed management
  • Applying tech convergence and edge technologies to protect various infrastructure, the global supply-chain and critical networks, and to social media and forensic tools with secure data strategies
  • Shape and lead initiatives that transition high profile public sector institutions to align with western practices.
  • Foreign direct investment relations
  • Cyber risk management Partnerships seek to leverage the upside of a nation’s higher trade volumes, GDP and consumer trends.

Two Separate Interviews with Hampton Dowling:

Interview #1 Below:

Interview #2 Below: