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New realities facing CEO / executive suite +stakeholders.

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Great Resignation, industrial revolution

focusing on



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Great Resignation, industrial revolution

focusing on


Finding the people, developing them, applying their new skill-sets to upskill / improve the company,

retain the newly improved talent… if possible, using the newly developed skill-sets on the next assignment…

establishing a mentor program and “team” attitudes to ensure continuity going forward; 

curating methods to continually attract global talent “GIG” contractors.

Identify and Define understandings of mobility packages and “better fit” the talent because this will lead to greater productivity, if done right.

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EventsJune 12-15

New Orleans

There’s no question about it—the entire world is currently dealing with a major health care issue.

In fact, as the Great Resignation continues to affect every industry, SHRM research  found that better benefits was one of the top three reasons U.S. workers were searching for a new job,” said Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP, SHRM president and chief executive officer.”   

Theme SHRM22:

Cause the Effect, encouraging business and HR leaders to boldly bring about the changes they want to see in the world of work

To learn more

Bruce D. Broussard, president and CEO of Humana Inc., and Tim S. Huval, chief administrative officer of Humana Inc., will join the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2022, June 12-15  New Orleans.

“The last few years have further demonstrated the power of an engaged workforce aligned around a common purpose,” said Huval.

We believe it starts with a set of core values in combination with offering the right mix of benefits, resources and flexibility to help our teammates thrive.

When they thrive, so does our business—and ultimately, our members and the communities we serve.” 

About SHRM The Society for Human Resource Management, creates better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together. As the voice of all things work, workers and the workplace, SHRM is the foremost expert, convener and thought leader on issues impacting today’s evolving workplaces. With 300,000+ HR and business executive members in 165 countries, SHRM impacts the lives of more than 115 million workers and families globally. Learn more at and on Twitter @SHRM.

We will be there …LIVE +VIRTUAL …

covering the stories+people that make it happen.

Join us on Bourbon Street. Cheers!

Ed Cohen, Program Developer, Broadcast Host, Moderator

(+1) 619.787.3100


We welcome you to this unique conference FOR EDUCATION AND FOR NETWORKING  and I want to encourage you to participate by asking questions; using the CHAT is an easy way to do this and note, please, all dialog… spoken and written… becomes public and remains a part of this program. Be sure to  provide your contact details in the CHAT for others to meet you.  And for sure…  huge thanks to the coSponsors and advertisers…

Become a cosponsor @ 100 USD…show the world your logo or brand/message and also you are invited to be a full-participant, speak, ask questions throughout.

You and Your Brand will receive 12months of public relations because all GLOBAL-TVtalkshows are on the linking to our increasingly popular youtubechannel and from there onto multi-media.

The magic of cosponsoring this program will flow to you as a cosponsor because many will view the program, once maybe twice because of the depth and scope of the quality people and content. Audience will be US and Global, not just on FEB 4th but way-more across 365 days+ via ON DEMAND global free access nonstop 7.24.365.

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Continuous training of your employees, especially in the “soft skills” areas of teamwork, collaboration and working across boundaries, is the key to scaling every part of your business. – Steven Howard

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Public Relations SOLUTION designed for small business owners + remote execs engineering systems approach logical structure, easy to follow + apply adaptable, flex for you your PR Coach 12months, no extra fee your LOGO displayed nonstop 7.24.365 24 tvtalkshows 12months; 12 exclusive you; 12 group/panel setting 12 interviews 1:1 each 20mins each interview on pre-agreed topics 12 times, 1/month we publish your company news or blog/article radio talkshow interviews Jan +April +June +Sep

Adamo Education


Porchlight Rental Relocation / Destination Services


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Barbara Boldt

Executive Communication Skills

click logo learn moreProfile photo of Barbara A. Boldt

Pierre JéronimoClick logo, learn…   Since 2012, Cooptalis has been supporting companies in their search for Talent and candidates in their expatriation projects, all over the world, thanks to its 3D vision of international mobility. SPOT: Preselection, sourcing, headhunting & Talent on demand  MOVE: Immigration & Relocation   GROW: Training & international expansion

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CEO’s, exec team face ongoing communication + trust challenges Q1+2 remote requires company guidelines dress-for-success "on camera" online remote requires prep for an online meeting to succeed common sense kindness being authentic + courteous set priorities retain your remote/mobile employees


Today’s thought-leaders about the world we are living in today…  

 Global Talent 360

New realities facing executive suite + stakeholders


Mirela Marin




Connecting the world through games

Human Resources Leader | Global Mobility / Immigration Leader

Inspiring teams around a common vision of success and excellence

Proud of a progressive career with a wide range of mission-critical initiatives within market-leading organizations, I excel at envisioning and spearheading leading-edge, global HR strategies by capitalizing on a strong business acumen and deep understanding of the big picture.  



Mexico City

Mentoring Good Managers Into Great Leaders

Expert Global Leadership Skills Development, Education

Leadership and New Manager Coach

Leadership Wellbeing

Author of 21 Books

Book Coach

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Founder / CEO, BU Language and Learning Center; Triple Language Master supporting busy executives with language and culture


Anthony Cristaudo CRP- SVP

Profile photo of Anthony Cristaudo, CRP

Ruoff Mortgage Logo

Accountability, Integrity & The Passion for Delivering a WORLD CLASS Customer Experience!



Quebec, Canada

Profile photo of Lilly Vercellotti

Relocation Consultant
Women Redefinition Coach
Global Citizen
Bilingual Italian English
Motivational Speaker
Lilly Vercellotti


“I am an entrepreneur, global citizen, Italian born and raised, expat, bilingual, relocation consultant and redefinition coach. I possess a variety of experiences from the nonprofit sector to real estate, vacation rental management and coaching. I have a master in nonprofit management and I am a certified executive coach. Some of my previous roles include research and community development in NGOs.
For the past 5 years, due to health challenges, I switched to managing vacation rentals and investing in real estate.  My goal with LillyVeGlobal is to create an online business as a relocation consultant and women redefinition coach.”

Cristina Arcaini


Cristina will comment about “the great resignation” from a Milano perspective; also, she will tell us about her trajectory into interculturalism and how it has become a great passion.  click it

ICQ Global Partner & Global DISC Licensed Practitioner presso ICQ Global

Jack Jampel 

Greater Philadelphia

“You get more out of life by giving more of your life to others” Passion for Mentoring. Challenges comfortable and practicable thinking

HR Senior Manager Global Mobility

Dr Lynn Schmidt

Boise, Idaho

Profile photo of Dr. Lynn Schmidt

My New Book … It’s time for all of us to become antisexist by challenging sexism, championing women’s rights, and creating equality. Let’s create a more equitable world for women and girls. 
Award-Winning Author
Intl Keynote Speaker
Executive Coach
Leadership Consultant

Gregg Ward

San Diego


Founder, Center for Respectful Leadership

Award-Winning Best-Selling Author

Speaker | Exec. Coach

Master Facilitator & Culture Change Consultant





Fostering healthy people and winning workplaces around the world

Global Care Experts delivers multi-language wellness and counseling services in response to crises and people challenges that impact the health and success of multinational employers and insurance companies.



Global Talent Mobility Manager at CooperVision

Profile photo of Harvinder Freeman

14+ years’ success leading large-scale global mobility functions for high-growth organizations.

Responsible for the design, development, evolution and management of various global mobility programs ensuring the program fully supports talent acquisition and talent management initiatives, including international and domestic assignments, one-way domestic and international relocations and global immigration. 


Markus Demuth


Profile photo of Markus Demuth, GMS-T

Markus Demuth, GMS-T

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the individual and family services industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Immigration Law, Global Mobility, HR Consulting, and Freight.

Feel at home wherever you go!  

Teodora Purcell LLM JD

San Diego, California

Profile photo of Teodora (Harizanova) D Purcell, LLM, JD

Larrabee Albi Coker LLP

Immigration Law for Innovators

***Award-Winning, Creative and Compassionate Lawyer ***Community Leader with Diverse Background*** Trusted Immigration Advisor and Educator***Pro Bono Champion*** Global Workforce Strategic Business Partner***



Becky Woods


New York metroProfile photo of Becky (Sacher) Woods, SHRM-SCP,GPHR


Talent Mobility Head Skilled in aligning global mobility initiatives with strategic Company objectives. 

Top 250 2022 & Top 100 2021 Global MoADPbility Professional.

Human Resources Professional with career success leading core HR functions and global mobility programs that positively influence assignee and employee relations, bottom-line profits, and compliance.

Highly in-tune with business objectives, fostering valued partnership with C-Suite Executives.




Dr Natalie will discuss the MENTAL HEALTH issues caused by the pandemic

Natalie Forest, Ph.D.

Reach-out to Dr Natalie



Barbara Boldt

I have lived in foreign countries and been a non-native speaker of a language I had to communicate in every day.

I have personally experienced that sinking feeling at the end of a presentation or conversation, knowing that I didn’t get through to my audience. 

Effective communication is a combination of language and culture. 

Successful communications require developing an alternative communication style that works with the language you are speaking. 

In global business that language is usually English.  

I have been privileged to teach and coach hundreds of global managers from more than thirty-five countries how to deliver professional presentations.

As a result of all that listening, I developed the ability to hear what is not clear and what’s not being said.

Whether it’s incorrect grammar, inaccurate vocabulary, or scrambled message structure, I know what will make your message clear. 

Csaba Toth



Founder of ICQ Global
Developer of the multi award-winning Global DISC™
Author of Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times
Forbes Coaches Council

Csaba Toth

Pierre Jéronimo


Spot, Move & Grow Your Talents

Mark Naidicz

Kenosha WI

Driving success though Mission, People, and Culture


Marquette University

Senior Advisor | Independent Board Director | Executive Search Partner | Coach and Mentor | Foundation President

Patina Nation

Mark Colo

Southern California

coFounder, Director

Watch MARK COLO discuss his own Parkinson’s with Dr Barbara Geisser

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