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Have you been following Hayley’s exchange program trip to London? While her journey has come to an end, she is sharing her 3 takeaways from her time spent in London and more in her full post-trip interview here!

Posted by Aires on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Author STEVEN HOWARD: BEING a better BUSINESS LEADER for TODAY’S covid-impacted economy

ROADMAP for Talent Mobility Teams; a new era in mobility management

mobility is more than just international relocation

POST CRISIS … what’s next?

MY STORY; Working from Aruba… Jacqueline Jasionowski 


GOING DIGITAL? 3 guiding principles

VIRTUAL ASSIGNMENTS; Confusion; Major disconnect between stakeholders

Andrew Bruzzi- D E I; “How to drive sustainable, impactful, meaningful change for the cause.”

FRAGILE PROCESS; Talent mobility diversity.Mercer, Olivier Meier

8 OCT at 4pm Eastern, GlobalTVnetwork presents CHUCK BROOKS, expert on Cyberscurity

1 October, GlobalTVnetwork™ presents ANGIE WEINBERGER, Zurich

30 Sep on GlobalTVnetwork, GENIUS INNOVATIONS & STRATEGY despite Black Swan events

RETRO-RELO! Buy local, save money, get better service

WORKPLACE: Mental Wellness

Dianne Devitt peaks on MEETINGS / MEDIA PLANNING on the GlobalTVnetwork™ Oct 7

GlobalTVtalkshow OCT 6’20 presents FIONA MOUGENOT, EXPAT PARTNERS, Paris 15

21 OCT’20; It’s about feedback! Why? WOMEN AREN’T ADVANCING

Global Talent Brokering by Olivier Meier, Mercer (Munich)

GlobalTVtalkshow Oct 9th 8am Pacific, presents MICHAEL GATES

5 October, GlobalTVnetwork™ presents Media Training with Robyn Hatcher

Sep 16, Csaba Toth + Sandra Corona discuss

Sep 14 Monday 8am Pacific, Alphonso Dennis, GO CULTURE; Andrew Bruzzi, VENDIUM GLOBAL

SEP10 at 1pm ET …10am California; it’s about Re-inventing yourself for New Now

9 / 9 @9 Pacific/California; NEW LEADERS for the New Now

September 8 – INDIA; Grow Your Asia Global Mindset and Connections

25 AUG, MEDIA TRAINING 3.0 maximize your online media presence

2 SEP, it’s about SUSE, the world’s largest independent open source company

Managing international employees w-f-a. MERCER Insights by Marcel Blom, Olivier Meier, and Sabine Rock-Speelman

28 AUG is about Globally Mobile Talent. Leaders will include Angie Weinberger, Zurich-based business consultant, mobility thought-leader, and best-selling author; Geneva-based Pierre Jeronimo, CEO, GR Mobility; India-based Diwakar Gupta; Dubai-based Sandrine Bardot, expert on international rewards; and Dubai-based Rohit Manucha, HRD, CocaCola UAE.

1 SEP, Christian Hoferle – The Culture Guy – has a conversation with GLOBAL’s Ed Cohen; “What do you recommend when communicating in a situation like XYZ?” And further, “How do you interact with people from ABC?”

31 AUG, SWEDEN as a destination; business, culture, lifestyles. A conversation with LENA EKDAL, Stockholm

11 AUG, LAUREN HERRING, Impact Group ceo, and author, Take Control of Your Job Search!, is interviewed on GLOBALTV TALK about “Your people are your most important asset.”

5 AUG; Tokyo/Japan Business & Culture & Lifestyles. Pictured here, BEN WADA, representing IAS, International AutoSource. Also, JOHN SCHULDT, IAS Director-Global Business Development. Rob Maisel,1-time Japan xpat, and also Katheryn Gronauer, Japan-based owner, THRIVE TOKYO.

3 AUG live from Taipei, Taiwan; an interview with DAVID A HALL, expert in emerging tech and applications for small business, especially important to doctors worldwide.

26 AUG, we discuss “Positive Conflict Resolution”, authored by Melinda Stallings. How to Take any Situation from Breakdown to Breakthrough in 8 Simple Steps.


Talent Mobility: Diversity + Inclusion – impact of covid

15 July at 11am Pacific; ANDREW BRUZZI, CEO/Founder – VENDIUM GLOBAL

17 July, Yvonne Quahe, Managing Change, World Bank Family Network – WBG

AUG 6; CANADA BOUND GlobalHR Business teleconference; “live” 5pm eastern

TERESA HOWE- Average is Everywhere …but… Being average is no longer an option in a time of heightened expectations and uncertainty.

COVID and D & I

SHIV-AWN McHALE; I read a recent post where a head of People & Culture was changing the name of the function back to HR – because she did not want to be seen as responsible for workplace culture.

Introducing HALEY FRIARY, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR. A strategic Global Human Resource Executive with over 15+ years of experience, Haley is an integral member of the executive team, Friary navigated both VC backed and public companies through global strategies and successful hyper-growth of up to 10X.

WORKHUMAN.COM … Created with scientific analysis of 50+ million moments of employee connection, Moodtracker™ is the world’s most advanced employee pulse survey tool. Now, staying on the pulse of your employees — to create a more human workplace — is fast, easy and FREE.

6 July ’20; Thinking about G M Transformation; Mercer

5 AUG@17:30 CET; Distributed work… global talent … JOBS to the PEOPLE … or, RELO? GLOBALTV is LIVE from Amsterdam +beyond

7 July HHG/freight/office moves

MERCER: Transforming global mobility; Journey toward optimization, automation, and business partnering


Why am I not on the Sales Incentive Plan? HR and Employees in a Dysfunctional, Codependent Relationship?

MICHAEL GATES, Vice-Chairman of Richard Lewis Communications. He is an internationally recognised teacher and writer on cross-cultural management, and featured thought-leader / speaker at corporate and government events.

GLOBAL RADIO interviews 2 very experienced “Global HR” professionals; Germany-based Soumen Chowdury and Dubai-based Sandrine Bardot. Key item: As a single-person consultancy my name is my brand; I only have my reputation to sell!

2020 buzzwords about today’s talent mobility management presented by MERCER Munich-based Olivier Meier

CDC Guideline announced; workplace

Post-crisis talent redeployment. Gap Analysis. Insight written by Olivier Meir, Mercer in Munich, Germany

GLOBAL TV talkshow™

JOSH SCHACHNOW, CEO @ – The free platform that helps international students and skilled workers navigate Canadian immigration.

FITBIT Global Head of Talent @ Fitbit … Building a high performance culture that wins through inclusion, engagement & retention

ELIZABETH LIONS, PHR; Author and trainer

Rob Maisel; Live true to your values and the rest will follow

VIRTUAL ASSIGNMENTS feasibility/success. It’s all about CULTURE! Orgs have right work/tech but fail due to misunderstandings between assignees/management. Needs more understanding and more prep.

Worldwide new heroes: Healthcare workers and the 1st responders. We salute you and we thank you.


5 Tips for Mental Health Care During COVID-19. PLEASE CLICK to go to the news page link article

GENERATION MOBILITY platform supports companies making transition abroad smoother for global workforce, raising employee engagement and wellness resulting in increased ROI.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, as presented EXPAT FINANCIAL, is a great place to live and traditionally is a common destination for expat employers and employees. This beautiful country is the world’s fourth most populous. An amalgamation of many ‘nations’, it results in a kaleidoscope of cultures, customs, art, and food. Just like its people, Indonesia offers the best of both worlds, from the bustling city in Jakarta to the scenic Bali. Expat Financial presents guidance for expat employers.

TALENT MOBILITY POST-CRISIS. What will corporate Talent Mobility Management look-like? Fewer relo assignments and much more business travel? Have a fast-look at this interesting graphic and contact the author and or contact GLOBAL to discuss things on

INTERNATIONAL AUTOSOURCE & READY-DRIVE; AutoSource is an exclusive Factory Direct Program created to help Expats relocating to the USA, lease, finance or purchase a new vehicle at incredible low prices without a US credit history.

Pastor Kenny Jahng, Easter Across America; helping mission-driven orgs create content with purpose to gain traction & drive engagement with their audiences.

COMPENSATION INSIDER Sandrine Bardot, Dubai-based. We discuss how the digitalisation of HR can help provide an employee experience which is on par with the expectations we all now have as digital consumers.


RELOCATION DIRECTOR; WHAT KIND OF JOB IS IT? If anyone ever asked what I did, they would just say I worked for a real estate company, but they were quick to point out that I didn’t sell real estate.

SIOBHAN McHALE, EGM People & Culture, DULUX Group – Australia. In crisis, MANAGER focused on operational needs/solutions. LEADER focused on people +adaptive shifts required.

CHRIS DEBNER: CHALLENGES & DILEMMAS for Talent Mobility Management. BLACK SWAN; massive loss of predictability/control impacting Talent Mobility worldwide. Expectations of the future vary.

VIRTUAL; Is it working for you? What about moving jobs to people? This is not going to replace traditional mobility, but it is one more tool in the growing arsenal that companies need to deploy their global operations. As organizations move away from traditional expatriation management to embrace best practices to manage a distributed international workforce, HR team will need to understand how to implement virtual assignments successfully. This requires new HR frameworks, processes, and a new, adaptive way of thinking.

DIALOG™ with Washington-based, JEAN ABINADER. Global experienced, ABINADER ADVISORY SERVICES has work experience in over 40 countries providing services ranging from negotiations training and workforce development to the nuts and bolts of integrated marketing and communications strategies. Clients: private sector, governments, NGOs.

PANDEMIC IMPACTS FUTURE OF TALENT MOBILITY MANAGEMENT; What’s next? OLIVIER MEIER, Munich-based with MERCER provides keen insight.; Connected | Automated | Transparent Welcome to the Future of Moving and Relocation

DIALOG™ with New York-based, Dr Rita McGrath, long-time professor at Columbia Business School in New York; and also, Author – SEEING AROUND CORNERS: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen.

David Cooperrider, PhD; Business as an agent for GOOD

Susan Ginsberg, Founder, Managing Principal at SRG Advisory + Lauri Murphy, TAIN Management Consulting


Myriam Callegarin (Milano-based) on How CEO’s Find Leaders

DIALOG™ with Palm Springs-based, Steven Howard, author of BETTER DECISIONS BETTER THINKING BETTER OUTCOMES

DIALOG™ with Janna Macik, CRP, GMS-T. “Successfully relocated over 2000 transferees globally, personally went through the relocation experience and lived in 2 countries which allows me to take an empathetic approach towards the people I support.”

DIALOG™ with Silicon Valley-based, Susan Schmitt, Applied Materials, Group Vice-President and Head of Human Resources. Co-author of “Healing at Work: The Adult Survivor’s Guide to Using Career Conflicts to Overcome Your Past and Build the Future You Deserve“

MERCER on Policy & Practices: A successful global mobility program needs to work well for both the assignees and the company.


CompBenefits MobileTalent


BEN WHITTER in the UK; I’m sending love and respect to every colleague working to improve the employee experience.

Chuck Brooks, expert on CYBER-SECURITY …understanding it, managing it

Feb13’20 LA SiliconBeach, Venice, hotel ERWIN

Olivier Meier, Mercer in Munich; Understanding GM Policy Flex

Robert Fletcher, you just gotta have ‘heart’

INTERNATIONAL ASSIGNMENT FAILURE or SUCCESS? It’s about an in-depth assessment and then preparation.

Joe Fick in L.A. and Lynn Greenberg in NY discuss SOCIAL WELL-BEING while on assignment

Edward Powers, First Tech Federal Credit Union


Allison Jeffereys, author/consultant

around Big Bear

Business Case to top management

Philip Berry, New York-based Executive Coach on Leadership Competencies, Branding’s 3 segments, and Being Better Than You Believe!

AGILITY; New biz realities; current VUCA environment prompts orgs to explore new ways of work, embrace continuous learning, increase responsiveness

XPAT GIGS; are you prepared to manage them?


Meet Mr. Viraj Phanse. Here’s how a global expert at product management and business strategy is digitally transforming legal tech and global mobility

Executive “Repatriations”; Risks and Opportunities for Talent Mobility Professionals. The Repatriation Blind Spot

GLOBAL HR NEWS VIEW presents a perspective for understanding where we were, where we are, and potentially what’s next.

DC.Washington 2020 FEB 27

6 Things I Learned; Attract/Retain Globally Mobile Talent…the current war for talent is intense

“It seems getting mobility to work effectively is extremely hard”.

Prepared by WR; Corporate Corner: Employer Risks and Strategies


People-on-the-move.   This mobility can be viewed from many angles, as there are many reasons for moving: migration, education, work or tourism… This digital publication People on the move – statistics on mobility in Europe shows the latest figures on these movements in many different ways, with a focus on people and not on goods.   Digital […]

Talent Mobility: 2019 Buzzwords

Moving Industry: Understanding Interoperability by Ray daSilva

XPAT INTEGRATION. If birds are used as metaphors …

NASA selects 363 proposals from small biz in 41 states

AUTOMATION vs JOBS? Author: Eva Sage-Gavin (click)

Mobility Reality Check (click)

Economy: MENA (click)

Economy: Europe SE (click)

GM: Why-What-Where-How much? (click)

Economy: AMERICAS ’19 (click)

L-T Assignments; xpat allowances (click)

Paul Falcone, Best-selling author and CHRO, MotionPictureTelevisionFund, Los Angeles

Toronto October 30, BMO tower 9-3+reception

IAS offers 1-of-a-Kind Repat Protect

This one-of-a-kind program is an IAS exclusive, included with all vehicle leases. International AutoSource (IAS), a leading full-service provider of transportation solutions for expats, is proud to offer its Repatriation Protection Plan.  The IAS Repatriation Protection Plan was developed to allow expats an opportunity for early termination of their vehicle contract without the risk of […]

xpat coach? 3 reasons

As an expat American, I’ve been where you are many, many times.    Denis 聂 得力 Niedringhaus,  General Manager and Owner        Maybe I don’t know the details of your situation, but I’ve still got a good idea of what you’re going through. You might believe me if I gave you an example. […]

International Policy

Paris TOWN HALL was 5 April’19

What is Europe? President of France, Emmanuel Macron

 ‘Never since the second world war has Europe been so essential. Now is the time for a European renaissance’ Who told the British people the truth about their post-Brexit future? Who spoke to them about losing access to the EU market? Who mentioned the risks to peace in Ireland of restoring the border? Freedom, protection […]

Asia-Pacific view

According to Strategy Analytics’ “Global Mobile Workforce Forecast”, the global mobile workforce is set to increase to 1.88 billion in 2023, accounting for 43.3% of the global workforce.  With a future comprising a mobile workforce on the horizon we draw focus to the highly-anticipated workforce mobility trends HR leaders based in Singapore and Malaysia foresee for the […]


  By Anne Rossier-Renaud and Rob Thissen, Mercer   When it comes to managing your rotator assignees, there’s a number of issues you’ll want to prepare for before sending any employees away. Shifting demographics, security issues, talent shortages, and compliance complications are just a few of the challenges that global businesses have to address when managing rotator assignees, […]

Vienna is tops

Trade tensions and populist undercurrents continue to dominate the global economic climate. Combined with the spectre of monetary policy tightening and volatility looming over markets, international businesses are under more pressure than ever to get their overseas operations right. Mercer’s 21st annual Quality of Living survey shows that many cities around the world still offer attractive environments in […]

Mercer on BREXIT

Memo from GLOBALHRnews:   This was prepared/written prior to the House of Commons vote March 12 By Kate Fitzpatrick, Mercer   At the time this article is published at the beginning of March 2019, the United Kingdom is legally set to leave the European Union without a deal on 29 March 2019, unless a breakthrough on the […]

Mercer.Mobile talent risks

Managing Mobile Talent Risks; What are we talking about? Physical Health and Mental Health, Financial, Security, Data, Reputation, Diversity By Olivier Meier, Mercer   This topic will be among those discussed at the 2019 Mercer Expatriate Management Conference in Brussels on 6-7 June. Early registration discounts are available through 31 March 2019. The recently released 14th edition of the […]

Myriam Callegarin. Milano-based Executive Leadership Coach helping high-achieving managers to become influential leaders

Christine Morlet, CSP, Top Executive speech coach

Executives, more than ever before, need to communicate personally and more clearly across silos, across generations, across borders   Christine Morlet, CSP Keynoter PARIS GLOBALHR EXECUTIVE NETWORK   (click, review agenda) December 6th   Click …watch the video “I’m a Positive Influence Specialist and coach Senior Executives on how to structure their keynotes and business presentations” …

FINLAND: Why have Finns been so successful?

Michael Gates    A Dutch partner of ours just asked me why, if many Finns are of so few words, they are so successful. He had been posed this question by a course participant, and struggled for an answer. I wrote a quick list and thought I’d post it here… Your client seems to equate talking […]


Inside the WASHINGTON BELTWAY November 3, 2018/0 Comments/in Employment /by Jean AbiNader In an increasingly globalized world of business transactions, regardless of the current uncertainty fostered by illiberal politicians, the capacity to be effective and successful depends upon one’s cultural intelligence, which goes beyond cultural awareness and the dos and don’ts of behaviors. It requires a capability to […]

What could go wrong (click)

What Could Go Wrong: Practical Global Mobility, A Mercer Report

Got 2 minutes?

Two Minutes to Understand Global Mobility Management, A Mercer Report

Local+Compensation Approaches

People #1

WEF…author: EU Democracy?

Click the arrow buttons below to “turn the pages” of this PDF. To download a copy, right-click here and choose where to save to your device

GDPR; EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

Click the arrow buttons below to “turn the pages” of this PDF. To download a copy, right-click here and choose where to save to your device

World Economic Forum (WEF) report: Global Competitiveness

Click the arrow buttons below to “turn the pages” of this PDF. To download a copy, right-click here and choose where to save to your device

PWC report: Workforce of the Future

Click the arrow buttons below to “turn the pages” of this PDF. To download a copy, right-click here and choose where to save to your device

Global Talent Mobility: DIVERSITY DILEMMA

Click the arrow buttons below to “turn the pages” of this PDF. To download a copy, right-click here and choose where to save to your device

Is It Time To Rethink Globalization?

To read the report, see “arrows” in upper left corner…  

KPMG: Global Assignment Policies and Practices

Click the arrow buttons below to “turn the pages” of this PDF. To download a copy, right-click here and choose where to save to your device

KPMG LLP and ADP® join to help MNCs

Addresses need to respond to compliance enforcement; report compensation to authorities efficiently,  effectively across multiple tax jurisdictions BEPS – Impacting HR and global mobility…  The international debate on tax is constantly evolving and the call for tax transparency to tax authorities, the European Commission, the OECD/G20 and to the general public is echoed across the globe, […]

Transforming communications across silos, borders, and cultures to achieve ROI

NextGen Leadership CHRO & GLOBAL HR & Global Talent Development   Story / conference implementation by Ed Cohen, Publisher- GLOBAL HR and GLOBAL BUSINESS NEWS At the GLOBAL HR conferences presented by GlobalBusinessNews, participants exchange ideas and experiences, build rapport, and take-away understanding more about… 5G CONVERGENCE G1 GLOBAL BUSINESS, CHRO & GLOBAL HR TALENT-LIFE […]

Global Employment Companies (GEC)

Big Pharma, Big Auto, and Oil&Gas find the GEC a very good answer to managing the rotators Download complete info to learn WHAT, HOW, and WHY it works well for select companies and organizations globally.   We have never seen such a flourishing number of articles, seminars or speaking sessions headlining Global Employment Companies (GEC). […]

‘Best Place to Work in Brasil’ recognizes the SC Johnson company …. long-standing commitment to creating an environment of inclusion and fostering a culture of respect and integrity

These accomplishments are no more visible than during this ongoing Zika crisis. All SCJ teams in Brazil have stepped up and continue to work tirelessly to produce and distribute repellent products that can help protect families in Brazil and Latin America. RACINE, Wisconsin, August 16th 2016 /PRNewswire/ ….source– SC Johnson announced that is has been […]

Philip Berry, CHRO Clinton Foundation, Author, ‘Being Better Than You Believe’

It’s about leadership development and human capital improvement strategies on a global basis. Philip Berry has lived abroad, worked in +60 countries; and retired a senior global executive with Colgate-Palmolive. He will keynote GlobalBusiness NewYork October 25. Philip A. Berry is President of Philip Berry Associates LLC, a management consulting firm which focuses on executive […]

JAMIE DIMON, Chairman, CEO – JPMorgan Chase

HOW TO BE A GOOD LEADER IN CHALLENGING TIMES Bad leaders can drive out almost anyone who’s good because they are corrosive to an organization … In the face of difficult challenges, great leaders do not retrench. Just the opposite – they step up. Over the years I have written about the importance of strong […]

DID YOU KNOW? less than 25% of women have SENIOR LEADERSHIP ROLES …but WOMEN are 50% GLOBAL WORKFORCE?

A Practical Guide to Accelerating More Women to Leadership WHAT ABOUT CONSCIOUS INCLUSION? CONSCIOUS INCLUSION means building the desire, insight and capacity of people to make decisions do business and to think and act with the conscious intent of including women in leadership. What do our own employees and other global leaders see as the […]

Here’s how to do better business inside the Washington Beltway

UNDERSTAND the ‘4 PILLARS’ of Washington™ GOVERNMENT; Executive, Judicial, Legislative COMMERCIAL; business, global financial institutions POLICY; academia, think tanks, associations/orgs MEDIA; old/new Charles Brooks Sutherland Global as Gov’t Relations, Marketing VP • @ChuckDBrooks Washington is an eclectic city. It is a metropolis that is thriving economically and socially. Its architectural design is modeled after Paris […]

USA MILLENNIAL FAMILIES … not relocating to the traditional big cities

Impacts new business site selection, recruiting, relo policies, housing/mortgages, school construction By Joel Kotkin sourced from Real Clear Politics, Jan6 ’16 “Much is made, and rightfully so, about the future trends of America’s demographics, notably the rise of racial minorities and singles as a growing part of our population. Yet far less attention is paid […]

NextGen workplaces; CHROs faced with evolving organizational expectations.

SURVEY: journey to CHRO position Aon Hewitt’s advisory group of clients the Human Capital Leadership Council (HCLC) came together and asked the question: Is HR developing its own leaders to tackle the challenges of a dynamic environment? Aon Hewitt embarked upon gaining insights in the form of this study: Learning to Fly. Aon interviewed 45 […]

Going global? Are you building a global workforce? Beware!

GET READY FOR A CHALLENGE … but it will be worth it if done right THOMAS BUCKLEY, CEO of StayInFront Originally published in FastCompany You must communicate clearly (2-ways) Stay flexible Shop for local talent As global competition increases and technology makes it easier to do business from anywhere at any time, companies are staking […]

FBI counter-intelligence… HOW TO COMMUNICATE BETTER

Are you a good communicator? It’s a 2-way street. FBI says to consider these 10 Techniques for building rapport with anyone…learning how to connect with people who are very different than you… …learning how to connect with people who are very different than you… via Eric Barker TIME Robin Dreeke is head of the FBI’s […]

IMMIGRATION and INVESTORS: Reprioritizing EB-5 to benefit targeted areas

Provides visas for foreign investors who invest $1 million in a U.S. business that creates or preserves at least 10 U.S. jobs. The main purpose: attract capital investment and create jobs. US Chamber CEO responds Audrey Singer, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program BROOKINGS Institution Sept 8, 2015 A sometimes controversial visa program for foreign investors […]

IMF-World Bank: LatAm Priorities Next Decade

Region needs to develop new opportunities for social development. Key priorities include participation in formal labor markets, increasing productivity …significant social gains past 15 years. EMPLOYMENT is key to fighting poverty, inequality Natalie Ramirez-Djumena 2015 IMF-WORLD BANK ANNUAL MEETINGS IMF Survey -October 10, 2015 Latin American countries will need to develop new opportunities to boost […]

Deutsche Bank India increases maternity leave from 16 to 26 weeks

Deutsche Bank India has 3,830 women employees; gender diversity 32%. Madhavi Lall, MD & HR head: New policy strengthens our commitment to gender diversity. We base our policies around the needs of our employees. After the Tata Group significantly raised the bar this year by offering maternity leave of up to 27 weeks, Deutsche Bank […]


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller ‘ Transforming M&A due diligence, integration … mitigating risks….’ GLOBAL BUSINESS NEWS introduces you to… Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, CEO, Potentious® Potentious M&A Leadership Risk Profile™ Growth is the lifeblood […]

HR not meeting demands for doing better global business

Confusion in corporate America about the HR role supporting biz performance. How to improve engagement, performance? How to ‘evolve’ org culture ? … redefine HR’s Purpose, Brand … teach company leaders how to mentor and coach Source: Gallup There’s been much talk among political and business leaders lately about “upskilling” the U.S. workforce, with the […]


Corporate Inversions Global HR impacts success (source) Katie Davies Editor’s Note: Looking-back, gaining perspective on a hot issue today… Firms Completed Corporate Inversions Before the Crackdown: Now What? Last year was an active year for mergers and acquisitions activity, especially cross-border M&A activity. And no kind of M&A activity received more attention in 2014 as […]

CEOs … are they just like us ?

Take a closer look at the personalities and preferences of those who occupy the corner office. Black is the clothing color of choice for 32% …18% use environmentally friendly ways to get around …62% abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages at company happy hours. CEOs: They’re just like us (for the most part). While movies and […]

AFRICA bound?

Africa is a continent rising….investment flowing into countries across the continent at an impressive rate. PwC reports… ‘Into Africa’ – the continent’s cities of opportunity’, details the 20 African cities set to become the most dynamic on the continent. Richard Summerfield Banking/Finance Africa is a continent on the rise. Indeed, for many commentators Africa has […]

L’Oreal USA, State Department Advance Women in STEM

18 women, scientific leaders from 17 countries meet, plan next steps. L’Oreal USA science research mostly women. L’Oreal Paris to keynote at Paris April 14th GlobalBusinessNews conference on GlobalBusiness MobileTalent New York, February 10th 2015 L’Oreal USA hosted the U.S. Department of State’s “Women in STEM Fields” International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) delegation on Friday, […]

‘Modern Mobility’ report asks: How can you be sure that your mobility programme is fit for the future? Businesses investing millions each year but cannot measure ROI

Only 17% of organisations have robust policies, processes, controls for tax, immigration, regulatory compliance. Number of employees working overseas set to surge, but organisations struggle to recoup investment – PwC report Businesses are investing millions of pounds each year sending employees on global assignments without being able to quantify the cost or measure the value […]


By having a strategic plan in place, companies can anticipate potential localization issues and make the process as efficient as possible. 6 Reasons Companies Consider Localization Sandy Famodu, Senior Manager GTN West Central- Global Tax Network +1 (763) 496-0942 • Many companies continue to experience an increase in “localizations” (i.e., the process in which […]

Harvard Business and EY report on ‘effective global mobility strategy’

Best-in-class orgs say global mobility critical to supporting new business growth, improving financial performance, bolstering employee engagement, succession planning, retain/develop top talent, increasing diversity. As three trends— complexity, speed to market, and global reach — converge, the need for competent managers to take on cross-border assignments grows. This is where global mobility fits in. Effective […]


What can be done? Fix mobility policy; integrate, align with Business Strategies. Key talent evaporating costing millions. Assignments ‘change’ assignee, family. They have grown; has your organization developed while they were away? Disconnect happens. Expat needs must be supported. New skill-sets utilized and adpated for next position. Patrice Heinzer, Cartus Vice President, Intercultural and Language […]


Tectonic shifts are coming… from today’s Internet Economy to the new Digital Consumer Economy. 5 digital technologies are driving shift. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) says Enterprises must reimagine themselves for the new Digital Consumer Economy. To avoid going the way of many once powerful companies, firms must begin Digital Reimagination; changing their core business models, […]

DATELINE: Persian Gulf

SIRVA issues Mobility Report Growth of private industries including financial, oil and gas, construction …attracting foreigners from all over the world with employment opportunities. SIRVA, Inc., a leading provider of global mobility services delivering integrated relocation and moving solutions for multi-national corporations, governments and consumers, has released the findings of its comprehensive Gulf Nations Mobility […]

DATELINE: San Francisco

CEO’s say tech growth will continue thru ’17 23% see top profits ’18 + CEO issues: rapidly changing customer dynamics; 57% see ‘skills gap’; 79% now concerned about product relevance in 3 years or sooner CEOs expect to add M&A to growth strategy US-based tech CEO’s believe tech’s growth will continue unabated for the next […]

DATELINE: Beijing, China

Employee Wellness. Smoking Cessation Program accepted and deployed for Chinese and also for multinationals. Did you know China is world’s largest ‘smoker’ ? Bloomington, IL, USA — May 1, 2014 — Chestnut Global Partners (CGP), a leading EAP provider with an established practice in China, today announces a partnership with Cease Smoking Today (CS2day), an […]

DATELINE: Moscow, Russia

Employee Wellness. Russian steel manufacturer implements Substance Abuse Program. Worksite intervention new in Russia. Alcohol consumption MORE THAN DOUBLE critical level set by World Health Organization. Alcohol Screening Program has worked…cut Absenteeism Rates Dave Sharar News Report | June 29, 2014 In May 2014, Chestnut Global Partners announced that a workplace alcohol screening program launched […]


Are you on the forward edge of the curve vs. being reactive to adopting more mature technologies? CHRISTOPHER BRABLC ⋅ AUGUST 21, 2014 Edited and adapted for GlobalBusinessNews We have talked about the ‘technology adoption curve’ and the benefits of being on the forward edge of the curve vs. being reactive to adopting more mature technologies. […]


How CFOs can partner with the leaders of other internal functions to drive organizational performance. As part of EY’s Master CFO Collection studies, Partnering for performance is a series that looks at how CFOs can partner with the leaders of other internal functions to drive organizational performance. In this part, EY examines the relationship between […]


The Millennial generation, those born between 1980 and 1995, seek more workplace flexibility, better balance between their work and home life, and opportunity for overseas assignments as keys to greater job satisfaction, according to the largest, most comprehensive study conducted into the attitudes and behaviors of Gen Y – a two-year undertaking initiated by PwC. […]

B-suite speaks-out: Boardrooms advise CFO + CHRO should sync. New geo-biz opps drive capital re-allocations.

NEW YORK, July 17, 2013 Human Resource (HR) executives and their finance counterparts believe a stronger partnership is in their future, especially when it comes to helping their organizations boost performance and improve their return on investment in people. The two functions agree on many people and performance issues, but diverge in terms of how […]

Dateline: HONG KONG

Hong Kong economy will suffer from RMB depreciation. Prices go higher for travel related expenses. Dateline: HONG KONG Hong Kong economy will suffer from RMB depreciation. Prices go higher for travel related expenses. …companies have lost 4 percent of their earnings in Hong Kong dollar terms. If we assume the yuan will depreciate 10% in […]

SUEZ CANAL EXPANSION Objective: shorten journeys -Europe, Mid East – also Asia – US.

TRANSPORTATION / GLOBAL LOGISTICS Egypt in a major economic advance… source: CONTROL RISK Headwinds for financial return Amid tight security, container ships have already been trialling the first stage of the Suez Canal Expansion project. Egypt is hailing the project as a major economic advance and the expansion seeks to cut valuable time off transits, […]


Bad leaders can drive out almost anyone who’s good because they are corrosive to an organization … In the face of difficult challenges, great leaders do not retrench. Just the opposite – they step up. Over the years I have written about the importance of strong leadership in business and the essential qualities a leader […]

B-suite speaks-out: Boardrooms advise CFO + CHRO should sync. New geo-biz opps drive capital re-allocations.

NEW YORK, July 17, 2013 Human Resource (HR) executives and their finance counterparts believe a stronger partnership is in their future, especially when it comes to helping their organizations boost performance and improve their return on investment in people. The two functions agree on many people and performance issues, but diverge in terms of how […]

Executives asking: Which management style works today? Top-down or by influence of performance?

More than half of global companies increasingly define leaders not by their position on the organization chart but by their influence and performance, according to a survey of nearly 1,200 senior business and human resource executives from more than 40 countries by American Management Association. Fifty-three percent of the respondents now consider individuals to be […]

INNOVATIVE REVERSE MENTORING Project Results in Corporate Career Development Success Model; MultiGenerational Employee Transfer of Knowledge about Social Media

Engages early career professionals as mentors to senior executive mentees and reveals surprising benefits transforming communication, culture and marketing programs. CHESTNUT HILL, MASSACHUSETTS – – May 28, 2013 A new published report from the Sloan Center on Aging & Work in collaboration with the Center for Work & Family, both at Boston College, on The […]

New York Mayor Bloomberg Announces Online Competition Soliciting Ideas From Young Men To Reduce Racial And Ethnic Disparities.

Young Men Will Have the Opportunity to Win $5,000 Toward A Winning Project On Business Development, Employment or Education May 28, 2013, New York – – Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Linda I. Gibbs, Young Men’s Initiative Director Jahmani Hylton and Ashoka Changemakers President Diana Wells have launched “My […]

Canada reaches-out to Silicon Valley innovators

The AP and CBS News have published the following story. Canadian government has launched an aggressive campaign to lure Silicon Valley tech workers frustrated by U.S. visa policies northward, just as Congress wrestles with a long-sought overhaul of America’s immigration system. Canada’s minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, arrived in the San Francisco […]

High Cost + High Risk …so why are Global Assignments still important to the company? How would you insure against failure? Tell me…

Anne Rossier-Renaud, Principal in Mercer’s Global Mobility business, recently said, “International assignments have become more diverse to meet evolving business and global workforce needs. Relatively low pay increases in some regions and pressure to attract and retain talent have spurred many companies to embrace a wider range of global mobility strategies to incentivise their high […]

BRASIL: BMW plans to build plant for 30,000 cars; to invest 200 million euros

Production begins 2014 Munich/Brasilia – The BMW Group plans to build a new plant in Brazil. “We welcome the new framework for investments in Brazil, based on the recently adopted “Inovar Auto” legislation. We have submitted an investment proposal for our planned new plant to the Brazilian Government,” said Ian Robertson, Member of the Board […]

DO YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO NETWORK? IT'S WHO YOU KNOW; Quality Trumps Quantity for IT Professionals

5 hot tips…what to avoid when doing it Menlo Park, California , April 25, 2013 — The more business acquaintances you have, the merrier you might be; but the quality of those contacts has a bigger impact on your career success, a new Robert Half Technology survey of information technology (IT) professionals suggests. Sixty-three percent […]

California Employers Have Another Notice Posting Obligation – Have You Posted Your Human Trafficking Notice?

John Kloosterman, Shareholder Littler Mendelson’s San Francisco office • Human trafficking is one of the 21st century’s buzz phrases. There is some disagreement on exactly what human trafficking means, but regardless of precisely how it is defined, it is widely accepted as a detrimental practice that should be stopped. Accordingly, a wide variety of […]


5 key goals… New York, Apr 22 2013 — The United Nations Commission on Population and Development kicked off a five-day session today with a call for the international community to seize upon the opportunities for social and economic growth presented by demographic shifts resulting from global migration. “Migration is a fact of life in […]

Women in the Workforce Increasingly Critical. International Women's Day Underlines Structural Barriers Preventing Women From Unleashing their Potential

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN; March 11, 2013 ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, says new, contemporary approaches to work are required in order to break down barriers facing women in the workforce — a crucial step to grow talent pipelines and to spur successful economies. Women remain the greatest underleveraged source of talent […]

DIAGEO: Gender Diversity … Honored for Commitment …Named to National Association for Female Executives' Top 50 Companies List

NORWALK, Connecticut, February 11th 2013: In recognition of its commitment to gender diversity, Diageo, the world’s leading premium spirits, wine and beer company, has been named to the National Association for Female Executives’ (NAFE) list of Top 50 Companies for Executive Women for the second time. According to NAFE, one of the country’s largest associations […]

FUTURE GLOBAL HR: Future Global Economy Reshaped by Rapid Technological Innovation, Networking and Automation

‘Power-Curve Society’ examines rising economic inequality, challenges to existing institutions and conceptions of value, and an imminent “personal data revolution” WASHINGTON DC, Monday, February 11th, 2013; The Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program has released a report that offers a sweeping look at how technological innovation is restructuring productivity and lays out the social and […]

12 competencies define a global leader

Research highlights innovative approaches for developing global leaders for successful globalization. Despite the unprecedented scale and intensity of the globalization of organizations, few are well prepared for the talent demands required to successfully lead the business objectives behind globalization strategies. Now, reviewing research from Mercer, organizations need to:  Acknowledge that global leaders require different […]

Defining the New High Performer; Employees Who Are Immune to Change; Willing to Collaborate; Able to Apply Sound Judgment

…. They Thrive, but are scarce in today’s volatile Work Environment ARLINGTON VIRGINIA; December 20, 2012 – CEB (NYSE: CEB) has released its annual Executive Guidance, which identifies the critical competencies employees must embody to thrive as high performers in today’s volatile work environment. These employees are immune to paralyzing complexities of change, willing to […]

Innovation re Harvard… Learning Agility

NEW YORK — Crimson Oak Academy has a bold special report on Learning Agility. The report — a reframing of learning agility latticed onto select Harvard innovation initiatives — provides actionable insights for recent college graduates who are dogged by 50% under-employment. The MBA prep and career leadership development provider, Crimson Oak, has produced a […]

Germany Relaxes Visa Rules for Entrepreneurs and Skilled Workers. Germany Trade & Invest legal experts welcome EU Blue Card and streamlined processes.

BERLIN, July 31, 2012 — Starting tomorrow, many foreign investors and their foreign employees will have an easier time obtaining a residence permit in Germany. Two key changes have been made to streamline the visa process for these groups. The EU Blue Card will be introduced tomorrow. Also, capital and job creation requirements have been […]

Work-life Fit and Enjoying What They Do… Top the List of Reasons Why Employees Stay on the Job

WASHINGTON, August 28, 2012 — Despite uncertainty in the job market, the top reasons working Americans say they stay with their current employers are work-life fit and enjoying what they do, according to a recent survey by the American Psychological Association (APA). Fewer employees cited concrete reasons for remaining on the job, such as benefits, […]

EMPLOYMENT LAW: Virginia Supreme Court Ruling Opens Up Corporate Managers to Individual Liability in Wrongful Discharge Lawsuits for First Time in Virginia

The full text of the Supreme Court of Virginia’s decision in VanBuren v. Grubb can be found here: WASHINGTON DC, November 5th 2012 — The Virginia Supreme Court, on November 1st 2012, issued a decision on whether it recognizes a common law tort claim of wrongful discharge against an individual who was not the […]

WINNER ! Chestnut Global Partners + Caterpillar Inc. win BEST Vendor Partnership

FEM 2012 EMMA Awards Chestnut Global Partners LLC, currently provides services to more than 80 employer groups throughout the world. Bloomington IL, September 21, 2012— Chestnut Global Partners along with their customer Caterpillar Inc. have won the Best Vendor Partnership at Expatriate Management’s 2012 EMMA awards. The award was announced Thursday September 13 by the […]

LEGAL NEWS: Re-examine Social Media Policies re COSTCO NLRB decision

… union organizing protectionsNEWARK, N.J., Sept. 27, 2012 — A recent Decision and Order issued by the National Labor Relations Board that invalidated electronic posting or social media limits enacted by Costco Wholesale Corp. could have a chilling effect on many companies,” according to Joseph P. Paranac Jr., a shareholder in LeClairRyan’s Newark office who […]

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT EXAMPLE: V.I.P. Mortgages' Employee Retention Strategy Shoots Straight from the Heart

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, September 25, 2012 — In today’s recession, retaining productive employees has its tricks. And while bigger companies can dangle in employees’ faces perks like free healthcare or beer and game rooms featuring ping-pong and foosball or Xbox, V.I.P. Mortgage – – takes aim closer to the heart, genuinely hoping to make employees’ […]

MOSCOW Report: VTB Capital announces the launch, 2012 ELEVATE programme

VTB Capital, Russia’s leading investment bank, targeting young professionals who are interested in working for the company. MOSCOW, 3September 2012 – – On 3rd September, VTB Capital will launch its 2012 ELEVATE programme, targeted at young professionals who are interested in working for the company. The ELEVATE programme was first launched in September 2011. This […]

UK REPORT: 31% companies worldwide plan to increase HR spend to combat recession; 44% will change HR structure

greater efficiency …encourage collaboration … improve quality … lower costs. Mike DiClaudio, head of Towers Watson’s EMEA HR service delivery practice, said: “In many ways, this year’s findings are surprising. Despite the obvious pressure on budgets over the past few years, many companies have decided that investment cannot be postponed any longer, as HR departments […]

UK view: Creative Line Managers Taking on More HR Responsibility

LONDON, August 6, 2012 — As the importance of good HR practice grows, line managers in the creative industry agencies are increasingly stepping up, according to the 2012/2013 HR guide called Major Players’ latest workpocket, produced by parent company, Randstad, provides a brilliant reference tool for HR professionals and line managers alike. Some responsibilities are […]

UK REPORT: Integrating HR and IT becoming critical relationship for greater organisation effectiveness

“… The research revealed that HR technology is still not being used to its full potential to deliver truly strategic support to the HR team…” LONDON — IT and HR professionals recognise the value that HR technology can add to the business but this is not reflected by a drive to improve the integration and […]