“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
— Buckminster Fuller

‘ Transforming M&A due diligence, integration … mitigating risks….’

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Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, CEO, Potentious®
Potentious M&A Leadership Risk Profile™

Growth is the lifeblood of companies. Growth is the difference between success and a distinct lack of it, the difference between a company that endures and prospers and a company that becomes just another historical footnote.

About Potentious
Potentious® is a boutique mergers & acquisitions consulting firm specializing in the identification of the leadership capabilities in companies that lead to successful M&As. Using the Potentious M&A Leadership Risk Profile™ methodology, collective leadership capability of the acquirer and target companies to quantify the level of risk in a particular M&A is evaluated. To learn more, visit www.potentious.com.

About the Author
Dr. J. Keith Dunbar established Potentious to enhance the process of talent management that drives great organizations. His consulting program implements an original talent assessment method to identify leadership competencies most likely to improve the financial outcome of mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Dunbar’s method transforms M&A due diligence and integration phases, by providing a means to mitigate the risks that otherwise limit or cancel out the potential to meet financial targets.

Dr. Dunbar received his Doctorate of Education from the University of Pennsylvania in a unique joint program between the Graduate School of Education and Wharton Business School.

You can contact Dr. Dunbar at Keith@Potentious.com