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1 week ago

Founders ARE NOT leaders until they become leaders!

It has been on my mind for a long time until today… when it came to me how I can visualize this

Working very close with many founders and hundreds of leaders in the past, I discovered one simple mistake we all make (at least the majority of us) when looking at #founders – we consider them leaders simply due to the fact that they lead a team, and started their own business.

The BIG question is: what makes a founder a leader?
The SIMPLE answer: the way they make an impact!

What do I mean by impact? Simply, the way they achieve their goals and success

The majority of #founders I know make an impact through their technical skills (industry does not matter), which in the beginning gives them a tremendous competitive edge! Unfortunately, over time, this edge turns into an obstacle

5 common obstacles that prevent founders from becoming great leaders (my personal observation):

Founder’s technical skills are not scalable without a fantastic and competent team & (even more critical) letting go of the accountability and sharing it with the team
Founders believe that having a product is enough to win – to grow a business, founders must learn new skills, which many times are not where their heart is (i.e., sales, Mktg, hr, etc.) therefore, they neglect it
Founders believe that having a team equals leading a team – most often, technical leadership is not enough to keep people engaged. Being a people leader requires spending most of your time helping them grow
Founders forget that they are the brand they are trying to create. As uncomfortable as it is, founders must invest in becoming better speakers and communicators and consciously invest in building their personal brand
Founders believe that leadership is something they will learn with time and “on the job” – this is probably the most dangerous one. Leadership is a SKILL that requires training Like with every training, if your technique is not correct, not only will you gain no strength, but most likely, you will create damage. In business, this damage can mean lost customers, missed investment opportunities, or your best employees joining your competitor. Things you may never recover from.

FOUNDERS MUST UNDERSTAND that HOW THEY MAKE IMPACT CHANGES over time. Their technical skills create an opportunity for future success, but IT’S THEIR LEADERSHIP THAT WILL HELP THEM WIN the business game!

I’m super curious about your thoughts on this – do you agree? What obstacles do you see?

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