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ACCELERATING:  Accelerating development of talent and leaders from the new gen for the digital era. This is a challenge that many companies are facing.

CONVERGING:   Impacting talent mobility: further development of tech… A I and robotics and analytics in HR and mobility management.  Growing a deeper understanding: the role of geography, geopolitics and international trade agreements on shipping, transport, and mobile talent compliance and retention.

EMPLOYER  BRANDING:  From talent acquisition thru learning thru deployment on assignments (domestic and global) and well-being of assignees and families, the value of the communications and engagement is critical.  As competition for good talent continues to increase, employers should clearly define and communicate their employment value proposition. Proactive efforts to attract and retain the right candidates for your organization should be on your talent agenda.


Talent development for companies in the digital era… robotics, AI, analytics…  is the region ready-set-go?   Miami/Fort Lauderdale is at the geo-center, the economic and cultural center of the AMERICAS, blending business people and multi-cultures.

Yes- simply living or working in the region …doing business with people and companies within the region… provides you with ‘global mindset’ … you gain insight on the AMERICAS and global investments… economic development… the vitality and importance of the Panama Canal; and the vital, strategic role of developing mobile talent for the AMERICAS region.

This program will address issues, opportunities, solutions to the challenges.

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The future of work is about breaking down barriers between disciplines, and there is much that international talent mobility can learn from marketing.

A mobility policy is not a mere set of guidelines designed to address administrative and practical issues – it can be a powerful recruitment and retention tool. Understanding how to brand and market a mobility program internally and externally is an essential part of global mobility management.

Employer branding is a recruiting tool that is becoming more important in the context of war for talent. Global mobility has a role to play when it comes to employer branding at two levels:

  • How can mobility impact overall employer branding? The promise of an international experience could attract high-potential candidates if it is well communicated. Should it be an important feature of your company’s employer branding?
  • How to brand the mobility program itself? What are the career and personal benefits of your program? How is it advertised? Success stories and unique value propositions that help differentiating from competitors are important.

Branding a program cannot just be a one-time exercise. The brand should be managed on an on-going basis and constantly re-evaluated. Changes to policies and practices need to be integrated in the reflection.

For example, what would be the impact of greater policy flexibility and self-service on the mobility brand? How would it be perceived by the different types of assignees? It could a plus for millennials who value flexibility but assignees with families could be worried by what could be perceived as a hand-off approach to assignment support.

Even if the organization make the right choice will it be effectively communicated?

Will assignees and management understand what a flexible approach means and how it differentiates the organization from its competitors?

There is an opportunity for HR teams to work with marketing to make mobility program brands personal, memorable, congruent and viral.



Clear mobility branding implies developing a unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for international assignees. An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the total value an employee receives from the company: compensation, benefits, career management, workplace/lifestyle, and employee pride. The EVP defines the commitment the company will make to develop the employee in exchange for the effort the employee puts in to benefit the company.

Initially developed for local employees, the concept of EVP is applicable to international assignees. This is especially the case because assignees face greater uncertainties about their remuneration and career as their local peers. They need clear reassurances from their employers.

Similar to successful businesses that differentiate their products and services to attract targeted segments of the population and retain them as long-term customers, companies with segmented mobility policies should also provide differentiated offerings – a unique EVP – to attract and retain different talent groups.

Different assignee personas could include for example: young professionals focused on learning and boosting their careers, older employees having specific requirements in terms of health and preparation for retirement, single parents concerned about day care, families worried about schooling issues and the issue of dual career, top managers with high expectations and locally hired foreigners who are already based in the host location.

The objective not to create additional policies but to determine how a given policy is responding to the needs of different assignee groups and if necessary make adjustments as well as prepare more personalized messages.


Info supplied to GLOBALHR News by  Olivier Meier, Mercer

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10, check-in opens.. meet/greet

10:30, Moderator introduces people in the room

11 – 11:45,


Leadership insight + audience discussion

Mariana Symenko

Leader- Mobility Asia-Pacific / Latin America

Ana Muniz, GPHR –   Senior Manager, Global Mobility Services

Moderator, GeLaine Joachim, Director- National Accounts

11:50 – 12:30,
Latin America perspectives
Gustavo Higuera
Regional VP
WEICHERT Workforce Mobility

12:30,  healthy lunch… table-talks

1 – 2:30   practitioners, key expert providers, audience participation

GLOBAL HR’s growing strategic role: Employer Branding; communications across the talent ‘life-cycle’  recruit > learning > deploy > rewards > retain > next assignment

A challenge many companies face: Accelerating development of leaders from the new gen for the digital era.. Retention for next assignment.. Strategies and tactics

Moderator: Ed Cohen 

Broadcast Host, GLOBALHR Radio Talkshow

Editor, GLOBALHR Newsroom  

Publisher,  GlobalBusinessnews.net

Gabriela Enriquez,

Head, Human Resources and Talent Acquisition


Diana Perez Saavedra  CPCC, ACC, SPHR, SCP

Global Human Resources Leader, Business Partner, Coach


Jose Tomas, Principal, Managing Partner at BrandSparc 


What does your brand say to potential team members? How about current ones? You might have a great culture, but does it emanate outside your walls?

Paula Holloway  CRP, GMS -Lexicon Relocation

Sharon Byrnes, Talent Mobility Consultant in program design, policy design, and strategic program analysis and execution

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