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22 FEB 23


Global Business Talent Strategies & Tactics

Creating a Culture

for Well-Being

in the workplaces, at home, in the community

Jack Jampel

HR Senior Manager Global Mobility


You get more out of life by giving more of your life to others“.

Passion for Mentoring. Challenges comfortable and practicable thinking.

Jack Jampel




Humony Leadership just received a Gold Medal award from the Nonfiction Authors Association. In the review, they said, “to say that Humony Leadership is timely is an understatement.

The content is valuable, necessary, and, if implemented, would go a long way toward recovery from the havoc wreaked upon the world in very recent times. 

Humony Leadership is a significant work with an important mission.”


Official NFAA Review
There is no shortage of books and resources on leadership, especially as business and workforce needs continue to change. Returning to pre-pandemic methods of leadership and decision-making is not an option, says author Steven Howard in the introduction of his book Humony Leadership: Mindsets, Skills and Behaviors for Being a Successful People-Centric Leader. 

With that declaration, Howard explains what he calls “humony” leadership–the leading of people with an emphasis on being human, displaying humanity, and creating workplaces of wellbeing and harmony.

This new model of leadership is behavioral, writes the author, and requires more than ever before the ability to be adept at making appropriate connections with workgroups, colleagues, and peers under increasingly challenging circumstances (including a more open acknowledgement of mental health issues that affect the workplace) due in no small part to a pandemic that continues to take its toll on the world.

Howard’s advice throughout the book is thorough and inclusive. While the author does cite statistics to support his statements in certain areas, the humony leadership model makes sense on its own.

The Pre-Pandemic Normal vs. Harmony Culture chart on pages 299 and 300 is an especially helpful visual of what such an environment would look like.

To say that Humony Leadership is timely is an understatement.

The content is valuable, necessary, and, if implemented, would go a long way towards recovery from havoc wreaked upon the world in very recent times.

Humony Leadership is a significant work with an important mission. 

~ Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program 

Philip Berry

“Attract what you expect,

Reflect what you desire,

Become what you respect, and

Mirror what you admire.”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The focus of Philip Berry Associates is to enable individuals, teams and organizations to transition from their present levels of effectiveness to higher levels of impact.  We do this through: Executive Coaching, Personal Branding and Rebranding, Organizational Effectiveness, Team Transformation, Leadership Training, Diversity & Inclusion Efforts, Unconscious Bias, Cross Cultural Competency Strategies, Innovation Strategies

As you think about your path forward I feel that you would benefit greatly by reading my book,

” Being Better Than You Believe: 8 Steps to Ultimate Success “.

It’s a quick read on Amazon or Kindle, also audiobooks.  You would find the chapters on Creating Your Vision; Discovering Your Distinctive Competencies and Developing Your Personal Board of Directors very insightful. The book has exercises and questions to answer.  I’m using it as a guidebook for leaders who want to enhance their leadership proposition.

Tineke RensenIntroducing

Tineke Rensen

International Speaker


Business talk:  “Better understanding feminine v masculinemasculinity not opposite of feminine

… just very different.”

         Are you an experienced (+5y) service-oriented self-employed woman who wants to double your business in a year AND transform to a business owner?

I can help you with my 32 years of experience. 

Annette Dernick

Profile photo of Annette Dernick - Peace paysMy goal is to prepare you and your company very well for the future.

Together we can bring more peace and efficiency into your daily work.

Due to changes in companies and workplaces new challenges occur. How do you deal with them?

Let me support you in implementing a constructive and positive work culture in order to resolve conflicts and challenges effectively.

Goal-oriented and with empathy, we increase commitment, creativity and the quality of work, in the team and at management level.

The quality of communication determines the success of a company. The inner attitude is crucial for the quality of collaboration and so also essential for effective work. Respectful and peaceful cooperation is the basis for success.

Are you ready to take your company to the next level?

Andrew Elliman

Head of European Business Development


AGS Relocation

The AGS Philosophy is simple: to design corporate relocation services revolving around our customers.
AGS provides a wide range of global mobility services to multinational organisations with expert international relocation services, tailored to meet each of our clients’ unique needs.

Owner of Stranger Expeditions


Motivational Speaker


Eva Klevås

Malmö, Sweden

Senior Advisor, Public Speaker, HR Analytics, Leadership Development, Efficiency, Board Professional

Mirela Marin

Global Mobility Leader Inspiring teams around a common vision of success and excellence

Director Global Immigration and Mobility


Profile photo of Mirela Marin

LIVE  in Ukraine 

Diagram Description automatically generated

Chris Exline


Home Essentials has acquired the production capacity of a mattress factory in Kremenets in the Ternopil region of Ukraine and plans to expand manufacturing capability to provide its own brand of quality mattresses to refugees displaced by the war.

Yvonne Quahe

Trainer, Facilitator, Coach and Author
Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours?

Profile photo of Yvonne Quahe

Image for Whose Career - Yours, Mine or Ours Addressing the Dual Career Dilemma with CARE

Annaleiza LandaMake Your Marque logo

~ The Values Differentiator

Profile photo of Annalieza Landa ~ The Values Differentiator

Make Your Marque Ltd partners with leaders to ensure good values convert into growth. Values are the glue that hold the fabric together, but all around us we see the fabric unravelling – in our nation, businesses, relationships, communities. People-driven values accelerate growth whereas people-deficient values drive stagnation, lost motivation and damaged reputation. My framework helps build and bring to life your unique Values Differentiator™️, your brand’s DNA.

Hull, England

James Moss

New York: +1 917 755 4788       London: +44 7956 135 132


“ is the worlds’ first “Pay-As-You-Go” Global Mobile Relocation App and Platform”.

You Only Pay For What You Need.

Customer completely controls their own budget and spend.

Perfect for Lump Sum assignees.

State-of-the-Art Mobile Technology

Gives a fantastic user experience and entire on your mobile phone. No email!

Massive Savings.

Up to 80% saving on conventional corporate relocation fees as a result of our expert ReloAdvisor remote support, combined with technology.

Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee,

A first in the relocation industry!  A statement of total confidence and belief in our service and delivery.

Barbara Boldt

Detroit metro

Executive Coach; I help introverted tech managers who are looking to advance in their careers communicate in a way that gets them and their ideas noticed by the people in positions to promote them.


Larry Linton

Inclusion, Diversity and People Leader


Profile photo of Larry Linton

Just as the internet launched a new digital era, COVID-19 has triggered a new work order.

It’s a chance to rethink where, when and how to work. Organizations must have comprehensive workforce strategies and centralized systems through which to see, manage and forecast employment needs and navigate the immigration complexities.

 – inspiring employees requires inspired leadership
– embracing neurodiversity and other disabilities in the work place

Greenberg Hameed PC logo
Greenberg Hameed PC  We develop advanced talent strategies for companies around the world and across all industries.


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Creating a Culture for Well-Being

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