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Create Your Killer Mindset

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Overcome imposter syndrome


As a women’s business and life coach, I see high achieving women every day that are being held back by imposter syndrome, low-confidence and not charging their worth.

My self-confidence coaching and leadership courses are designed to help you overcome personal and professional issues so you can break your glass ceiling and make more money.

My personal development programmes use a mixture of neuro linguistic programming, leadership coaching and girl-talk to improve your wellbeing at work, promote yourself and ask for that pay rise.

We’ll work together to create a killer mindset that dismisses your inner critic, ditches imposter syndrome and cultivates a strong sense of self-belief.

Throughout the programme, you’ll develop practical skills to boost your confidence and allow you to become empowered to take on whatever life throws at you.

Whether it’s 1:1 coaching, group coaching, training/workshops, together we can find a bespoke solution for you in person or online  …… @bypinkyg

Contact me for your 20-minute complimentary discovery call at ……. hello@bypinky.com.

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Founder of global online platform netwomen.co in 2015 (formerly WiNE|WiNG).

Helping high achieving career women and founders build relationships and generate opportunities.

Connect, collaborate and support each other online via the self development platform with interviews, videos, networking events, workshops and mastermind groups.

Promote yourself, get visible and generate leads, clients and opportunities.

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