Mark Halpern

Here are a few new questions
1. Why is resilience so important?
2. How can you use your senses (visual, auditory, taste, smell, touch) to increase Coherence and allow you to be more adaptable to stress?
3. How many types of breathwork are there? Describe a few.
4. What is the best breathing method/ technique to help you relax? Heal?
5. How do you design a daily life process? How to Avoid a destination mindset?

These were the original questions which are still relevant 

Questions for Dr. Mark Halpern
Tell us how anxiety has impacted your life?
Why do so many people suffer from anxiety?
What has helped you heal/cope with anxiety?
What is a “Process Mindset” vs. a “Destination Mindset?”
What is Coherence?
What are some examples of Coherence?
How does being in coherence benefit your health?
With respect to Coherence, what do you mean by things that deplete you vs. things that renew you?
Why is the heart so important in creating physiological coherence?
How did using HeartMath techniques and tools help you?
What do you mean by self-inquiry and why is it so important?
Why did you create the Coherence Revolution?
Describe the book: What can you learn from the book?
What is the difference between the book and course?
Who is the course for?
How has the Coherence Revolution process changed your life?
What are some of the outcomes, changes people can expect to see?
Can you share a few case histories or stories of people who have had success with the book and/or course?
What are you trying to achieve with Coherence Revolution?
Where can you get the book and course?
What is next for Coherence Revolution?