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virtual meeting demands

  1. What is the biggest struggle for planners?
  2. What do executives and stakeholders need to understand?  Budget for?
  • You get what you pay for
  1. Some examples of well produced events:  DND, Emmy’s
  2. What is the correlation of sensory communication and screen time/ impressions?    

Virtual Meetings;Importance of Sensory Stimulation

Clearing the apprehension

Executive Management needs to chill;  be patient and realize that their meetings department is learning new skill sets which they may not be equipped for;  the future of meetings will demand two types of planners – physical and virtual –  and they will need to work together for a truly successful hybrid meeting.

    1. Virtual meetings and events are as diverse as physical meetings and events
    2. They require a different skill set

  1.       Planning a live event from a-z is about physical engagement; flow, staging, tempo, time – interaction and emotional reactions.   The team from planner to producer focus on these elements.  It is about what I call:  Kinetic Engineering (flow and movement); Visual dynamics (what you see and comprehend) – and Risk Management

  2.       Planning a virtual event from a-z is about virtual engagement, production capabilities, interaction, involving people with a WIDE array of production and technical skills.    The movement is between speakers and breaks;  the risk management is MAJOR with technical threats, speaker issues, production quality, timing, emcee/facilitating, scribes and managing it all.   It takes more work than physical and requires rehearsals with all stakeholders.

                                                  iii.     The well-produced event incorporates

tactile exercises,

breaks, and

an irregular schedule

(SEE RNC and DNC examples – EMMY’S WAS THE BEST EXAMPLE with families in the background)

Education is key;  fun and short.

        1. Food –
        2. Music
        3. Invitations (sample)
        4. Premium items
        5. Beverage
        6. We are allowing people into our private space now to connect and disclosing our life styles – and no make up faces.

Planners are adapting and learning as they can to (sometimes) very impatient clients and stakeholders

Technology is changing every day as more demands are put on platforms and more people explore this landscape

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