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Producer, Speaker, Author, Consultant, Professor NYU

Why do we hate goodbyes?

Dianne Budion Devitt

Dianne Budion Devitt

Producer, Speaker, Author, Consultant, Professor NYU
20 articles 

I don’t hate goodbyes. I hate goodbyes that are unfinished or that I haven’t reconciled.  But goodbyes in general are also good.  They are empowering in many ways. That is why they are called GOOD byes.

As business rushes to finish year end and plan 2022 (or attempt to), most of us take some time for reflection – what worked, what didn’t and when it didn’t, how easily did we shift and adapt?  How do we start from scratch – again and again and again.  We say another goodbye to an ever-changing year to make room for what lies ahead.   What is good about saying goodbye? It makes us choose what we want and how we valueourselves.  Goodbyes ask us what’s working and give us a chance to reNEW.  And, when we’re ready for new, whether it is new life, new love, new clothes, we then clear the way by saying good bye to a life-style that is not challenging us, giving us purpose or meaning to our day, loves that don’t fill our souls, clothes that are old, outdated or don’t fit right and stuff that is just taking up space, space that can be given to energy to repurpose and regenerate and WELLcome what’s next.

Life is full of endings as they are they only way to have new BEginnings.  And so, as we approach the end of yet another pandemic- filled year and say goodbye, think about it and really mean what you say.    This time of year, in personal and business we remember who left us and acknowledge who came into our lives; we adjust to where we are physically and mentally, and pay attention to why we feel the way we feel.  We have the opportunity to see our life’s story in 12 chapters – one month at a time. In books and plays, we take journeys with characters and learn the lessons they are learning along the way until a finale, or ending, when so many pieces fall into place, so many questions solved, so many unknowns revealed.    I hope the story of your life this year brings you goodbyes you can accept, new love and renewed love (as we can never have too much) and opens doors for what’s next in your life.   And, if you are starting from scratch (or feel that way), good for you for starting. Good for you to do one new thing for your self.

One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite plays, The Lion King, states, “There is more to see that can ever be seen, more to do that can ever be done.”   So, goodbye for now as I continue cleaning out and making time to see and do that is all new to me.  I’ll be back and look forward to hearing from YOU on what you are making way for, what you can clear out, how you can take one step forward to building something new– for YOU.

So, like the upper case words in this article – BE WELL.  NEW YOU.

Goodbye, everyone – until the next time,


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Dianne Budion Devitt
Producer, Speaker, Author, Consultant, Professor NYU
20 articles