for involvement by all corporate managers of Talent, Travel, CompBen, Risk Management, 

D & I, ESG, OnBoarding, Procurement, tax and legal and finance, recruit,

and especially managers of relo/mobility.


W F A / W F H impacts expatriation but how much,

how deep,

especially “future need for skills” required to be immediately productive?

Corporate leaders are leading this corporate support RESEARCH corporate managers are invited to take a simple10 minute survey …and thank you.

BACK STORY: As you know, many more companies will move to a HYBRID, flex model of work location.  RESEARCH SURVEY leaders, LANE / GORBETOV, the study’s authors, believe this trend has strong potential to disproportionately disrupt expatriation practices and ALL THINGS RELATED.

You can remain anonymous or opt to receive a copy of our report.

LANE / GORBETOV are very seasoned expatriates who have developed personally / professionally via international assignments. They are partnering with Professor Julian Dalzell, University of South Carolina.

Fall ’21 GLOBAL VIP CONFERENCE™ developed and presented by; industry worldwide invited; survey results discussed. Survey participants receive free registration. Audience Q&A invited; program OPEN to all others at a nominal fee.

Event cosponsors welcomed; get info today from and we thank you. Cheers.

Fall conference (hybrid) will reveal results of the survey in a LIVE discussion featuring global audience Q&A.

Questions? Please contact me via LinkedIn or by (+1)619.787.3100 or direct email and thank you for participating.

Note the Fall conference and the upcoming GlobalTVtalkshows™ during June +July +August +September …about the survey and it’s questions being asked, and how results could impact funding assignments, the ROI of LIVE Assignments vs virtual, and how results could impact the “new skills” that will be required for potential assignees and family… and how all of that will decide or impact who will be allowed to go on assignment.

Ready? Buckle-up.